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Sreya Chakrabarty

  • FTMBA Student Ambassador

Previous Industry & Function: Technology (Semi-Conductors)
Intended Industry & Function: Technology/Entertainment Tech; Product Marketing Management
Hometown: Houston, TX

Sreya Chakrabarty


Why did you choose Marshall?
The network and collaborative environment at Marshall. I really love my class, everyone is so nice and will go out of their way to motivate and help you.

What has been your favorite USC Marshall experience?
The events/trips (Cabo) and the people; being able to network at these events (ex: tailgates) with alumni who will go above and beyond to help you/pay it forward.

What do you wish you'd known before attending business school?
You do not need to know what you want to do next, relax and take the time to explore all career paths and don't stress too much.

How is Marshall helping you accomplish your goals?
The class projects are very helpful in helping me get marketing experience; the clubs help you prepare for jobs; the events allow you to make connections with second years/network to enable you to reach your end goal for business school.

What leadership positions do you hold at Marshall?
AVP of Finance - Graduate Marketing Association

What clubs are you involved in?
High Tech Association
Graduate Marketing Association
Business of Entertainment Association
Graduate Women in Business
Marshall Wine Club
Mindful Marshall

Languages Spoken
English, Bengali

Undergraduate University
The University of Texas at Austin