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Celia Tu

  • Leventhal Ambassador

Why did you choose Leventhal?

The USC Trojan network allows me to connect with alumni from different
backgrounds and allows me to build up my professional network.
Leventhal School of Accounting also provides strong academic and
recruitment resources to make me become a strong candidate in the
accounting profession.

What is your favorite part about being at USC?

The people, professors, advisors, Trojan alumni, and fellow classmates who all encourage and help me as I pursue my goals.

How is Leventhal helping you accomplish your goals?
Leventhal has exceptional career services, which has helped me throughout the
recruitment cycle to make myself a strong candidate for employers.

What is your best advice to prospective students?
Start preparing for recruitment early. Attend networking events, meet
the firms, and talk to recruiters!

Celia Tu