USC Marshall in the Media: March 2021

USC Marshall School of Business faculty are featured in national and regional publications as opinion leaders and expert sources.



March 11, 2021

The following citations are of Marshall and Leventhal faculty members quoted in media outlets from the month of March.


The Miami Herald ran an AP story that quoted Shon Hiatt about Volkswagen's April Fool's announcement that it was changing its name to "Voltswagen." 

Business Insider quoted Eric Anicich about what managers can do to help their workers avert burnout. (PDF here)

Anicich is quoted throughout in Korn Ferry's in-house magazine "Briefings."

Marketplace quoted Gene Del Vecchio on the many GameStop movie and TV projects already in the works, and the importance of being first to the market with any such movie.

Greg Kling on paying taxes when you live in one state but work in another for Yahoo!

Kling on tax season deadlines moving up in CNBC.

NBC News wrote about people’s last photographs pre-pandemic, and cited Kristin Diehl and her photography research. 

The Los Angeles Times wrote about the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) hiring Shaun Harper as a  diversity consultant.

CIO quoted Thomas Phelps on why IT projects still fail.

Larry Harris wrote an op-ed for NASDAQ about the GameStop episode, and why such situations can be perilous for investors. 

The American Marketing Association posted an article on Gerry Tells' research into SEC disclosure statements, and why they've been found to be inadequate for investors. 

MarketWatch also wrote about Tellis' research. 

RetailDive quoted Rodney Ramcharan about the precariousness of the middle class in the U.S. 

Refinery29 quoted Diane Badame about declines in cold cereal consumption over the decades, and what might have happened to reverse that trajectory in 2020. 

Marketplace quoted Lars Perner about who ends up running for office in recall elections. 

Harvard Business Review published an article written by Shantanu Dutta (with co-researchers) about how AI can help companies set prices more ethically.

Wallet Hub quoted Kristen Jaconi about the importance of buying "umbrella" insurance.