USC Marshall in the Media: June 2021

USC Marshall and Leventhal faculty are featured in national and regional media as opinion leaders and expert sources.

June 21, 2021

USC Marshall and Leventhal faculty were quoted widely in media outlets during the month of June. 


David Carter was quoted in Forbes about how Naomi Osaka's exit from the French Open may boost her worth even more. (June 2)

Emily Nix was quoted in Forbes Advisor about the potential effects of pulling unemployment insurance too early. (June 2)

Andrii Parkhomenko's research is quoted in an article posted on the site of newsletter Skift, the Future of Work (June 4) (paywall).

Lindsey Bier was quoted in VOX about what happened to the Girlboss. (June 7)

Nick Vyas was quoted in the New York Times about The Biden administration’s attempts to fix the global supply chain. (June 8)

Nick Vyas was quoted again on supply chain issues in the South China Post. (June 8)

C. Kerry Fields was quoted in the Northern California Record, a law publication, about a well-meaning law about rehiring workers let go during the pandemic that may have unintended consequences. (June 7)

Glenn Fox was quoted in an Elle Magazine piece about gratitude. (June 9)

Kevin Murphy was quoted in the Los Angeles Business Journal about the skyrocketing pay of two Los Angeles-based CEOs. (June 7) (PDF)

Kevin Murphy was quoted in the Los Angeles Business Journal about CEO pay in general. (June 7) (PDF)

Joe Nunes was quoted in Los Angeles Magazine in an article on investors snapping up the song catalogs of famous musicians. (June 14)

Jennifer Deal wrote an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal on the special qualities the COVID class of 2021 is bringing employers. (June 17) (PDF

Anthony Dukes was quoted in a CNBC piece on Amazon Prime Day (June 20)