USC Marshall in the Media: February 2021

USC Marshall School of Business faculty are featured in national and regional publications as opinion leaders and expert sources. 

February 17, 2021

​​​​​​Marshall Faculty in the media

Gene Del Vecchio was quoted in the Los Angeles Times debunking the latest content industry buzzword, the "flywheel."  

Anthony Dukes was interviewed by Channel 2 WMAR Baltimore about why people of color are more likely to be victimized in online and in-person scams, according to research he did with the Better Business Bureau

Susan Harmeling wrote an Op-Ed for Government Executive on what the Biden administration must do to establish its intentions on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion policies and a more inclusive America. 

C. Kerry Fields was quoted by the Los Angeles Times on why he thinks the DOJ won't interfere in the proposed Penguin/Random House merger. 

Larry Harris was quoted in the Las Vegas Journal-Review on the GameStop trading wars. He was also quoted on the same topic for Reuters

Maria Rodas was quoted by WalletHub about Valentine's Day spending trends. 

Debbie MacInnis was also quoted by WalletHub about Valentine's Day trends.

Emily Nix was quoted on NPR's Marketplace about how for women and workers of color, who were disproportionately hurt by the pandemic, returning to a "normal" economy will take longer than for higher income workers. 

Alec Levenson was quoted by KQED on how lawmakers should take into account whether workers live in rural or urban areas before mandating a federal minimum wage. 

Kalinda Ukanwa was quoted in the Dallas Morning News about her comment on a study by personal finance website MoneyGeek on the best cities for Black women to flourish.

Mete Kilic's research was cited in a MarketWatch piece about the falling price of gold and platinum. 

Wendy Wood and Peter Kim were quoted in Time Magazine about how to work from home without burning out. [PDF here

David Carter was quoted in an Associated Press story about the small Division 1 school Fairleigh Dickinson adding sports programs.