USC Marshall in the Media April 2022

April 17, 2022

Following are Marshall faculty media mentions during the month of April, 2022.

Kirk Snyder tells the Washington Post that too much office gossip can indicate a problem. (April 8)

Kenneth Ahern and Marco Giacoletti’s research on why a landmark Saint Paul, MN rent control law passed by voters would likely not benefit the poorest of renters was the topic of an article in Reason Magazine. (April 13)

The research also appeared in the Star Tribune. (April 2)

Nick Vyas is interviewed by ABC7 Los Angeles about how supply chain issues are making baby formula hard to find at Southland stores. (April 12)

Alec Levenson is quoted in the New York Times column about where young women out-earn young men in some Southern California cities, and why the way that metric is calculated might be problematic. (April 15)

David Carter tells the Los Angeles Times that the growing amount of soccer content available via streaming is directly related to global demand, and if fans want to pay for that content, media companies will provide. (April 17)

Peer Fiss explains how a "poison pill" strategy works in a Los Angeles Times article looking at Elon Musk's attempt to buy Twitter and take it private. (April 19)

Shon Hiatt talks to USC News in a story about how faculty members around USC live more sustainably in their own homes. (April 21)

Dina Mayzlin tells the BBC that companies risk more than a bad rep if they try to squelch negative online reviews. (April 24)