Staying Cyber Safe

USC Marshall launches executive governance course in digital- and cybersecurity

June 18, 2019

In an interconnected global economy, companies must navigate many challenges in the digital space. From digital disruption to data breaches to malware attacks, looming opportunities and threats pose new challenges. Empowering corporate directors and CEOs to oversee the risk—and leverage the benefit—of the digital world is the focus of Digital and Cybersecurity Governance, a two-day course planned for this August at USC Marshall.

Led by professor Bob Zukis, one of the world’s leading experts on digital governance, the workshop will equip participants with the foundational skills to thrive in a complex and volatile digital world. Topics and sessions will range from mastering data management to enabling digital transformation and will include a cyber-attack simulation to give attendees critical practical experience in governing these issues.

“Marshall is constantly redefining the boundaries of business, which makes it a great fit for courses like this." —Bob Zukis

“These threats are emerging so quickly that we’re facing a real leadership crisis in corporate America,” said Zukis, a retired partner at PwC, where he led its IT strategy and operations practice. “There are two programs in Europe that teach on this subject in the executive realm, but Marshall’s is the first in North America.”

The course is hands-on and case-based, with lectures and an emphasis on peer interactions. “This is not a bunch of talking heads,” said Zukis. “The goal is to give corporate directors the essential tools so they can step back into the boardroom and apply what they’re learned from day one.”

Zukis notes that the potential business impact of the course is significant. “Research from MIT shows that digitally savvy boards perform significantly better,” he said. Equipping board members with an understanding of key digital issues their companies may encounter can dramatically increase their revenue, profitability and market capitalization.

“Marshall is constantly redefining the boundaries of business, which makes it a great fit for courses like this,” said Zukis. “For the past handful of years, we have been partnering with the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) on an annual symposium, targeted to the corporate director, to help make companies as competitive as they can be. This course is the next step.”

Participants will receive a free pass to the upcoming USC Marshall-NACD symposium, “Greater Expectations, Increased Complexity: Board Leadership Matters,” currently scheduled for November 14.

The Digital and Cyber-security Governance course will take place on August 13-14, from 8 am – 5 pm. The event will be held in Bashour Lounge, located in Heritage Hall on USC’s University Park Campus. The cost is $5,500; registration will close on August 8. Learn more at