Online MBA Grows Up...and Up

USC Marshall's Online MBA continues to grow--in students and success

October 03, 2017

Thanks to the vision of Dean Ellis, the faculty task force which designed an integrated five-course curriculum for a 21st century virtual platform, and the dedication of 18 faculty and the online team, five cohorts of online MBA students provide value to Marshall and the global business world. 

These talented students, working full-time at major companies or entrepreneurial start-ups,  join interactive class discussions twice a week from locations in three countries and 23 states.  They meet virtually with faculty and their classmates to create a quality learning experience that includes discussion, team projects, case studies, and results in relationship building.

The Online MBA enrollment expands market share, increases Marshall’s visibility, generates asynchronous materials available for residential classes,  and most significantly, contributes to Marshall’s increase in excellence in teaching and thought leadership.

Click through to see the charts that tell the story:

Five Online MBA cohorts on their week-long on-campus work sessions.


Award-Winning-Digital Programming

The program has garnered awards for its course content, collaboration between faculty and instructional designers, and its digital production.



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Growing Numbers

The number of women, Under-represented minorities, first-generation, and out-of-LA students continues to grow. The following charts also show the average GPA and GMAT scores, as well as the average age and years of work for the cohort.










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From Across the Globe to USC Marshall

Students from around the globe benefit from a USC Marshall MBA degree in the online format. The following charts show where in the United States students come from, as well as the companies they work for.



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