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2/14/11 • News at Marshall
USC Marshall Undergrads Wins American Eagle Retail Competition
2/10/11 • News at Marshall
Creation of a scholarship in honor of Dean Ellis will support Marshall undergraduates
2/8/11 • News at Marshall
Marshall Conference Featuring Secretary Locke advises American Businesses on Pacific Rim Exports
2/2/11 • News at Marshall
SBL Brings Living Homes CEO Steve Glenn to Campus for "Lunch and Learn" Series
2/2/11 • News at Marshall
Marshall Students Face to Face with One of the World’s Recognized Greatest Investors
1/26/11 • News at Marshall
Matt DeVecchi appointed as Assistant Dean for Development.
1/25/11 • News at Marshall
Lessons for success from members of Marshall’s and Leventhal’s Advisory Boards
1/21/11 • News at Marshall
National Hockey League Commissioner Gary Bettman recently shared the keys to the NHL's success during the economic downturn to a packed house on the USC campus.
1/13/11 • News at Marshall
It was a first rate showing from the USC Marshall MBAs as they competed at the MIT Sloan School of Business Sales Competition for only the second time.
1/4/11 • News at Marshall
The World is Just a Book Away has launched 47 school libraries and reached 25,000 Indonesian children with 45,000 books for a tremendous impact so far. Doing good all began with connections established right here at USC Marshall.