Marshall Welcomes New Students!

Meet some of Marshall's incoming students

August 23, 2022

Welcome to the fall semester of 2022. Meet a few of Marshall's incoming students from several programs, including the World Bachelor of Business (WBB), our full-time MBA, and our Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MSEI).

Click on each name to read why they chose to attend the Marshall School. 


William Bennett, World Bachelor in Business (WBB)
William Bennett
William Bennett is a first-year WBB student.

William Bennett is an incoming first-year student entering the World Bachelor in Business program. With many options to further his passion for business studies, he shared with us the four reasons he decided to choose USC Marshall. 

  1. The all-star roster of professors who come to Marshall to share their first-hand experiences in the business world, along with the unrivaled Trojan Family Network, which ensures Trojan success. 
  2. An innovative and unique environment that fosters creativity and deploys interactive learning to teach through doing.
  3. A beautiful campus dotted with iconic palms, red-brick architecture adorned with sculpture, and the vibrant energy of every Trojan walking by in sunny Los Angeles, California.
  4. A truly unparalleled experience, earning three degrees from three business schools on three continents, in four years. A program that highlights Marshall’s dedication to extending arms internationally, providing students with a global learning experience, and helping excel the push toward a greater global society.  

“I knew I could not turn down the unmatched program nor find a better four-year home that fit my eagerness for adventure than the WBB program. With entrepreneurial goals post-undergrad education, I know the relationships that I can make through the Marshall alumni network and around the world will prove to be invaluable,” he adds

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Aisha Mohideen, John H. Mitchell Business of Cinematic Arts Program (BCA)
Aisha Mohideen
Aisha Mohideen is a BCA student.

Originally from San Jose, CA, Aisha Mohideen could only dream of the day she’d graduate from high school and move on to attending USC marshall. 

“Marshall’s pursuits in formulating globally minded leaders with real-world experience through unique programs like LINC and the experiential learning center is what really drew me into the school,” she says. 

With the ultimate goal of working behind the camera one day, Aisha mentions that “what excited me most when applying [to USC] was the one-of-a-kind Business of Cinematic Arts program that gives me the chance to combine my incandescent love for both business and film so that one day I can start my own production company.” 

Knowing that during and after her time at Marshall she has the Trojan Family to lean on makes Aisha even more confident and excited to launch her career. “I’m absolutely thrilled to begin my journey at USC Marshall and make lifelong friends.”

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Gabriela Montini, MSEI
Gabriela Montini
Gabriela Montini is pursuing her entrepreneurial dreams.

Gabriela Montini is a first-generation student who will be attending USC Marshall’s Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MSEI) program in the fall. Inspired by her own mother’s wise words, “success is when preparation meets opportunity,” Gabriela says she chose to attend Marshall because “it will equip me with the tools and preparation I need to be a successful and impactful leader in the world.” ⁠

Marshall’s unique 12-month program offers individuals with a passion for entrepreneurship the critical skills and knowledge they need to create the next great companies of the future. An accelerated and highly experiential degree, the MSEI puts students on a fast track to launching new business opportunities within large organizations or starting their own enterprises.⁠

“I’m honored to be pursuing my graduate education at USC to receive a Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and Innovation,” she says. “I feel blessed to be surrounded by love and support from some great leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators who never fail to inspire me.”⁠

Looking forward to her time on campus, Gabriela says that she is interested in being a part of the salsa and bachata club at USC, as well as meeting new people through playing golf. After graduation, Gabriela plans to continue entrepreneurship and hopes to one day create multiple enterprises across different industries and run her own conglomerate. 

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Ava Abreu, Business Administration (WBB)
Ava Abreau
Ava Abreau shows her Trojan Spirit.

Ava Abreu never knew what she wanted to do or be when she grew up– the question always stumped her. Despite this, she had a strong yearning for making a positive impact and exploring the world. 

After learning more about the World Bachelor in Business program offered by USC Marshall and the possibility of studying at three business schools on three continents while obtaining three degrees, all in four years, Ava knew in her heart that she had to apply.

“The opportunity to graduate with three degrees and study with top-notch professors all around the world is a dream come true. I am very excited to make the most of my first year at USC from studying in the village, attending challenging classes in the beautiful Fertitta Hall, to bonding with the amazing people I will meet along the way,” she shares.

Ava can not wait for all the little moments that will make her time at USC special; from the late-night study sessions to the off-campus adventures in LA. She is ready to call USC home, and can't wait to Fight On this fall.

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Daniel Stone, Business Administration
Daniel Stone
Daniel Stone is looking forward to Marshall's international opportunities.

The minute Daniel Stone stepped onto the USC campus; he instantly fell in love. Coming from a rural community in the High Desert area of California, Daniel was fascinated by the endless possibilities available at Marshall. 

“The networking capabilities, pursuing competitive internships, obtaining one-on-one career coaching, and more makes me feel confident that I will thrive at Marshall,” he says.

When reflecting upon his decision to apply and enroll in the business school, Daniel added, “another feature of Marshall that I was attracted to was the international aspect; I was drawn to the international emphasis put on their business degree and the ability to work around the world.”

As his first semester approaches, Daniel looks forward to being able to meet and hang out with all the amazing people he has had the opportunity to network with via social media thus far, along with lively Trojan football games.

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Malavika Vadali, MBA
Malavika Vadali
Malavika Vadali hopes to enter the film industry after earning her MBA at Marshall. 

“I chose USC Marshall because of the strong alumni connections aka the Trojan Family. When I first started my week at USC I didn’t know a lot of my classmates and over time we started hanging out and warming up to each other. We are really there to support one another,” Malavika Vadali shares. 

After graduating from Rutgers University in 2017 and obtaining her bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems, Malavika felt a need to explore another career avenue: Business Entertainment. ⁠

Looking for a university that would allow her to fulfill that burning desire for change and exploration whilst making meaningful connections with the peers around her, Malavika decided to enroll in the full-time MBA program at USC Marshall.⁠

Having recently started her first semester, Malavika shares her current favorite class: “I really enjoy Professor Snyder‘s class on foundations of your professional values (GSBA 541). The class really makes me think of what kind of job or environment I want that best satisfies my needs and really creates high job satisfaction.”⁠

During her time at USC, Malavika hopes to join the Business Entertainment Association and the Graduate Marketing Association to eventually get into TV and film production after graduation. ⁠

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