Jasmine Liu on E-commerce in China

When $67 Billion in sales makes you #2

January 03, 2020

The battle lines are being drawn in the world of global e-commerce.  JD.com is the #2 online retailer in China with a staggering $67 billion in sales.  In this episode of Business Class, Jasmine Liu, Director of HR & Operations of JD.com’s Silicon Valley Research Center, gives us insight into why her company sees plenty of room for JD.com, Alibaba and Amazon.

Jasmine points out that research, creating a better customer experience and marketing deeper into China’s 2nd tier are giving JD.com its edge. She notes that “the density of population centers” creates opportunities that don’t exist in the U.S., and describes that ubiquitous mobile internet as being the key.

We also hear about social e-commerce, analysis on the differences between Chinese and American consumers and  even how JD.com labs has developed an AI facial recognition app to help local farmers raise their pigs.

Jasmine is a 2019 graduate of the USC IBEAR MBA program.

Dick Drobnick

Interviewed by Richard Drobnick,
Director of the USC IBEAR MBA Program.

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