Golden Apple Awards 2020

USC Marshall and Leventhal students honor their most inspirational professors in 2020 with Golden Apple Awards

April 27, 2020

It's generally considered a good thing to win professional awards. But winning an award from your own students? That's next level. 

The USC Marshall School of Business announced its annual Golden Apple Awards, honoring nine professors—and one member of professional staff—with the recognition of students. 

Each year graduate and undergraduate students vote on the professors and staff who have had the most impact on them. The Marshall Business Student Government (MBSG), which serves undergraduate students, recognizes outstanding faculty and staff by awarding the Golden Apple Teaching Awards and Golden Compass Staff Awards. Graduate students vote for their awardees directly.

"It is a great honor to receive this award. I am very proud of our Marshall students, and glad that I am able to make some impact to this community."—Sha Yang, Ernest Hahn Professor of Marketing

The recipients of 2020 Golden Apple and Golden Compass Staff awards are:

Core Teaching

Julie Suh, Associate Professor of Clinical Accounting

Elective Core Teaching

  • Sha Yang, Ernst Hahn Professor of Marketing
  • Murat Bayiz, Professor of Clinical Data Sciences and Operations 
  • Sharoni Little, Associate Dean and Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer, Professor of Clinical Business Communication 
  • Arthur Korteweg, Dean's Associate Professor in Business Administration and Associate Professor of Finance and Business Economics
  • Paul Adler, Harold Quinton Chair in Business Policy and Professor of Management and Organization
  • Tommy Knapp, Associate Professor of Clinical Entrepreneurship
  • Kristen Jaconi, Associate Professor of the Practice in Accounting

Golden Apple Mentoring Award

  • Carl Voigt, Professor of Clinical Management and Organization and academic director of IBEAR (International Business Education And Research MBA)

Voigt is a name that recurs year after year, and he is often cited by graduating students as having been an inspiration over their four years, and especially during their overseas learning experiences. He has won 12 Golden Apple Awards, including this one. 

“I like to tell my students that when you are given a choice, always take the riskiest option,” he said. “Never take an option that is in your comfort zone. Always take the one that forces you to stretch.”

Golden Compass Staff Awards

  • Onma Lwin, Director, Undergraduate Career Services

Lwin said she was accepting the award on behalf of her entire team in this challenging year.  

"We have a great team in Career Services and it is because of the efforts of the entire team that I am receiving this award," she said. "We look forward to working with more Marshall students in the coming year.”

Lwin, who came to USC Marshall in 2010 to work in MBA Career Services after many years in the executive search industry, segued into undergraduate student career services in 2018.

“I love working with our students and am continuously impressed by their capabilities, drive and focus," she said. "“It is an honor to be selected for the Golden Compass Award."