The Global Techie

Austin Browning takes his global worldview from Marshall to Silicon Valley  

May 11, 2018

Austin Browning ’18 wants to share some wisdom he’s gleaned over his four years at the Marshall School of Business. He emphasizes how pivotal it is to recognize what success really means.

“Success often seems to be correlated to who has the biggest company name on their resume or who is in an exclusive organization, but I urge students to look past that,” he says. “Do not compare yourself to others. There is no way of knowing what others have gone through to get where they are or for others to understand what hand you have been dealt. Consequently, success looks different to each and every one of you — but just know that you are enough and are already doing great things.”

"Being involved with the GLP in my freshman year and returning as a GLP Leader in my senior year has been the perfect bookends to my experience at Marshall." --Austin Browning

It’s fair to say Browning has accomplished a great deal at Marshall. For his academic excellence and service, he earned the Order of Troy at graduation. In September, he will start at Apple as a finance associate in their Finance Development Program, rotating through various teams at Apple, as well as doing at least one international rotation (“hopefully in Tokyo,” he says).

As a freshman, Browning entered the Global Leadership Program (GLP), open to the top tier of business students. “GLP was by far the most formative experience of my college career, and I credit much of who I am today to what I learned in that class,” he says. “Being surrounded by smart and successful individuals pushed me to work harder and better myself throughout my four years at USC.”

As a senior, he signed on to be a GLP leader, paying it forward by helping to plan and facilitate the freshman trip to China — his proudest accomplishment at USC.

"Being involved with the GLP in my freshman year and returning as a GLP Leader in my senior year has been the perfect bookends to my experience at Marshall," he says.

He clearly finds it rewarding to take on mentorship roles. He served as a TA in multiple upper-division finance courses and became a trainer for the new tour guides within the USC Admission Center. As a member of Society 53, Browning connected students and alumni worldwide.

Browning was able to connect with a few alumni while abroad, working directly with one in Shanghai for his freshman summer internship. Marshall’s opportunities for international learning — in China, Mexico and Hong Kong — were life changing. He says, “These experiences force you to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, and it is through sharing this common experience that some of the most meaningful friendships arise.”

After graduation, Browning will head home to Sunnyvale, Calif., to pick up his new boxer puppy, Archie. Then he will travel to Europe to spend a month with USC friends in Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy and Croatia. He also plans to meet up with a couple of the international exchange students who he went to Mexico with for his Global Strategy class two years ago.

He sees an MBA in his future, but knows he will definitely return to Silicon Valley. “I would always like to be connected to the tech industry in some form or fashion.”