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Marshall in the Media

7/14/13 Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times quoted Baizhu Chen about China's leaders enacting economic reform.
7/10/13 Wired
Wired quoted Lars Perner on how informed shopping can influence buyers to consume more.
7/9/13 Bloomberg Businessweek
Bloomberg Businessweek ran a column by Warren Bennis about how business schools have evolved in academia. "For the first half of the 20th century, B-schools were more like trade schools," Bennis wrote. "Today, I doubt that any top B-school would hire, let alone promote, a tenure-track professor whose primary qualification is managing an assembly line, no matter how terrific his performance."
7/8/13 Bloomberg
Bloomberg News quoted Carter about Los Angeles Lakers player Dwight Howard announcing his departure
7/8/13 ESPN
ESPN quoted David Carter about the impact of the American Athletic Conference.
7/5/13 Daily Bulletin
Daily Bulletin quoted Carter about the advantages to athletes playing in Los Angeles.
7/5/13 Associated Pres
Associated Press quoted David Carter about the impact of the American Athletic Conference.
7/3/13 The Baltimore Sun
The Baltimore Sun quoted Carter about college sports conferences.
7/2/13 Forbes
Forbes ran an op-ed by Robert Bridges about a Supreme Court ruling on property rights that went largely unnoticed by the press. "It's ironic that the integrity of rights in real property have been so badly eroded that it would take an act by the highest court of the land to simply grant the right of an individual to challenge a clearly confiscatory act," Bridges wrote.