University of Southern California

Marshall in the Media

1/3/13 The Orange County Register
The Orange County Register quoted David Carter about the reinvention of the Los Angeles Clippers brand.
1/2/13 Contra Costa Times
Contra Costa Times quoted Kathleen Allen about the economic climate for small businesses in 2013.
1/2/13 Business Insider
Business Insider ran a column by Ira Kalb about declining consumer confidence. Issues like the fiscal cliff and debt ceiling debates haven’t helped matters, Kalb wrote. “Since consumer spending is roughly 70% of our economy, we all need to work together to get consumers to feel confident again,” he added.
1/2/13 Forbes
Forbes ran an op-ed by Gerard Tellis about American innovation. He wrote that a robust culture of trial and error regarding innovation is the country’s biggest asset: “The U.S. absolutely must not lose the culture of innovation. In so doing, it can remain the pre-eminent innovative economy of the 21st century.”
12/30/12 Forbes
Forbes featured research by Victor Bennett and colleagues finding that competition in the workplace may encourage unethical behavior. “Competition is generally thought to be good for economies because it keeps prices low and quality high. But when meeting customer demand is bad for society at large, then competition has a flip side,” Bennett said. The story was also covered by LA Weekly.
12/28/12 CBS Radio
CBS Radio Los Angeles affiliate KNX-AM interviewed Larry Harris about Mary Schapiro stepping down as head of the SEC.
12/24/12 Bloomberg Businessweek
Bloomberg Businessweek ran a column by Warren Bennis about online education in academia, noting that USC President C. L. Max Nikias has emerged as a dynamic leader in this field. Several USC schools have created online master’s programs; within a few years, every USC school is expected to have a “sensible and sustainable” graduate degree program.
12/13/12 CBS News Canada
CBC News (Canada) quoted David Kang of the USC Dornsife College about North Korea's recent launch of a rocket.
12/10/12 Bloomberg Businessweek
Bloomberg Businessweek ran a column by Warren Bennis of the USC Marshall School about the rise of specialized master’s degrees.