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Marshall in the Media

7/21/15 NPR (“Air Talk with Larry”)
John Boudreau discusses the state of human resources stemming from article he co-wrote in the Harvard Business Review “Bright, Shiny Objects and the Future of HR.
7/19/15 Los Angeles Business Journal
The LABJ quoted Ira Kalb in a story about how sometimes controversial comments that go viral backfire on a brand.
7/17/15 San Francisco Chronicle
The San Francisco Chronicle quoted Ira Kalb about how Yahoo! could be marketing its mobile services better.
7/17/15 NPR Marketplace
Lars Perner discussed digital online TV advertising and the ability of consumers to opt out of ads by paying more, given Hulu's announcement of the option.
7/16/15 The Washington Post
The Washington Post quoted Joe Nunes on his research into why certain summer songs go viral.
7/14/15 Amazon goes Prime
Lars Perner spoke with CBS local news to discuss the lure of the Amazon Prime day promotion.
7/13/15 Hufvudstadsbladet

Ira Kalb interview in Hufvudstadsbladet, the largest Swedish-speaking Finnish newspaper in Finland, interviewed Ira Kalb about how national modesty is hurting its marketing efforts.

7/10/15 The Los Angeles Times
The Los Angeles Times quotes Ira Kalb on how many more people will be turned off of The Donald after his inflammatory remarks about undocumented Mexican immigrants
7/8/15 Huffington Post
Ira Kalb writes in the Huffington Post that spokescreatures are often better spokespeople than humans.