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Faculty Research Fair 2022: Peter Cardon

Professor of Clinical Business Communication

March 08, 2022
Peter Cardon

Pete Cardon, Ph.D.

Professor of Clinical Business Communication

Cardon’s research focuses on the intersections of culture, technology and communication. Much of his research is in the context of global virtual teams. He has published extensively in journals such as the International Journal of Business Communication, Business and Professional Communication Quarterly and Journal of Education for Business. He has also served on the editorial boards of all three. He is the author of Business Communication: Developing Leaders for a Networked World and co-author of Business and Professional Communication: Putting People First.

Former director of the MBA.PM program, Cardon is currently the president of the Marshall Faculty Council, and the former president of the Association for Business Communication.

He earned his BA at Brigham Young University, his MS from the University of Georgia and his MBA and Ph.D. at Utah State University.

Research Fair Presentation Summary

The Promise and Peril of AI for Business Communication

This presentation explores the potential benefits and drawbacks of AI in business communication. It provides an overview of some emerging AI applications in business communication, including in the following contexts: leadership communication, team communication, and employment communication. It then summarizes several studies from my research team in this area. These studies provide frameworks about acceptance of AI applications in business settings and ethical considerations to ensure privacy and psychological safety.