Faculty Publications for November 2022

November 18, 2022

Following are faculty publications and honors by department, in alphabetical order, for the month of November 2022.



Yingying Fan has been appointed as the next IMS Editor of Statistics Surveys, a journal sponsored by the American Statistical Association, the Bernoulli Society, the Institute of Mathematical Statistics, and the Statistical Society of Canada (each society contributes one editor).

Matteo Sesia 
"Testing for Outliers with Conformal P-Values” (with Stephen Bates, Emmanuel Candes, Lihua Lei, and Yaniv Romano) has been accepted for publication at Annals of Statistics.

Sesia has received a joint appointment with the computer science department at the Viterbi School of Engineering.



Yaron Levi
“Spending Less After (Seemingly) Bad News” (with Mark Garmaise and Hanno Lustig) has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Finance.



Melody Chang 
“Cascading Innovation: R&D Team Design and Performance Implications of Mobility” has been accepted for publication in Strategic Management Journal and is forthcoming.

“The Evaluation of Founder Failure and Success by Hiring Firms: A Field Experiment” (with Tristan Botelho) has been accepted in Organization Science and is forthcoming.

Peer Fiss
“Capturing Causal Complexity: Heuristics for Configurational Theorizing” (with Santi Furnari, Donal Crilly, Vilmos F. Misangyi, Thomas Greckhamer, and Ruth V. Aguilera) was a finalist for the Academy Management Review (AMR) 2022 Best Paper Award.

Nan Jia
“The Art of Blending Stakeholders: ‘Baptist and Bootlegger’ Coalitions in Corporate Constituency Building” (with M. Murphy and E. Walker) is a finalist for an Academy of Management (AOM) 2022 Best Paper Award from the SIM Division.

Jino Lu (PhD student)
Lu won the Strategic Management Society Best Conference PhD Paper Prize with his paper “Demand for Technologies and Direction of Research: The Role of Intellectual Distance and Research Quality.”

Joe Raffiee
“Career Specialization, Involuntary Worker-Firm Separations, and Employment Outcomes: Why Generalists Outperform Specialists When Their Jobs Are Displaced” (with Heejung Byun) has been accepted for publication in ASQ and is forthcoming.  

Florenta Teodoridis
“Could Machine Learning Be a General-Purpose Technology? A Comparison of Emerging Technologies Using Data from Online Job Postings” (with Avi Goldfarb and Bledi Taska) has been accepted for publication and is forthcoming in Research Policy.



Kristin Diehl
“Let Me Show You What I Did versus What I Have: Sharing Experiential versus Material Purchases Alters Authenticity and Liking of Social Media Users” (with Francesca Valsesia) has been published in the Journal of Consumer Research

Diehl was elected president of the Association for Consumer Research (ACR), the key organization for scholars of consumer research. She will hold this position for the 2024 term.

Davide Proserpio
“Detecting Fake Review Buyers Using Network Structure: Direct Evidence from Amazon” (with Sherry He, Brett Hollenbeck, Gijs Overgoor, and Ali Tosyali) has been accepted for publication in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) and is forthcoming.