Faculty Publications and Honors for March 2021

USC Marshall and Leventhal faculty won accolades and published wide-ranging research in leading peer-reviewed journals

March 17, 2021

Below are faculty publications and accolades from the month of March, in order of academic department, alphabetized. 

Data Sciences and Operations

Jacob Bien
"Testing for Association in Multi-View Network Data" (with L. Gao, D. Witten), was recently accepted for publication in Biometrics.

Grace Sošić
"Rethinking Salt Supply Chains: Cost and Emissions Analysis for Co-production of Salt and Freshwater From U.S. Seawater,” has been accepted for publication in Management Science.


Finance and Business Economics

Mete Kilic
"Learning, Slowly Unfolding Disasters, and Asset Prices" (with Mohammad Ghaderi and Sang Seo), has been accepted for publication at the Journal of Financial Economics.

Chris Parsons and Marco Giacoletti
"Peak-Bust Rental Spreads" has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Financial Economics.


Leventhal School of Accounting

Kristen Jaconi
"Many Companies Struggle to Adopt Spirit of SEC Risk Disclosure Rules," has been published in conjunction with Deloitte. Read the PDF here.

Dan O’Leary
Discovering and Transforming Exhaust Data to Realize Managerial Value,” (co-authored with Veda Story) has won the Paul Gray Award from the Communications of the Association for Information Systems (CAIS). The award recognizes papers that are thought-provoking, and was established in memorandum of CAIS founding editor, Paul Gray.

Lorien Stice-Lawrence, Forester Wong, and Jung Koo Kang
“The Firm Next Door: Using Satellite Images to Study Local Information Advantage” (with Ph.D. student Jung Koo Kang and Forester Wong), has been accepted for publication at the Journal of Accounting Research.

Regina Wittenberg Moerman
“The Harmonization of Lending Standards within Banks through Mandated Loan-Level Transparency,” has been accepted for publication at the Journal of Accounting and Economics.


Management and Organization

Paul Adler
Paul Adler has been chosen as a 2021 Distinguished Scholar by the Organization of Management Theory division of the Academy of Management. The award acknowledges the tremendous impact his research has had on the field.

Lori Yue
Lori Yue won the 2020 Award of Responsible Research in Management, by the Responsible Research in Business & Management (RRBM) Institute.



Gerard Tellis and Max Wei
“Machine Learning for Creativity: How Similarity Networks can Identify Successful Projects in Crowdfunding,” (with Ph.D. student Jihoon Hong) was accepted for publication at the Journal of Marketing.