Faculty Publications and Honors for April 2021

USC Marshall and Leventhal faculty won accolades and published research in leading journals

April 20, 2021


Omar El Sawy
Has been selected for a 2021 USC Mentoring Award for Faculty Mentoring.

Yingying Fan
Has been selected to give an Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS) Medallion Lecture in 2023, which is awarded to eight researchers across all age groups and all areas of statistics and probability every year.  

Lan Gao (Yingying Fan's postdoc)
Has won the 2021 Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS) New Researcher Travel Award.

Gareth James
Was elected an Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS) Fellow for 2021.

James also received the Provost's Mentoring Award for 2021. 

Adel Javanmard  
Has become an associate editor for the Operations Research journal (Machine Learning and Data Science section).

Patrick Vossler (Ph.D. student in statistics)
Has won the 2021 Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS) Hannan Graduate Student Travel Award.



Neha Bairoliya  
“Demographic Transition, Human Capital and Economic Growth in China," (with Ray Miller) has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control. 

“Social Insurance, Demographics, and Rural-urban Migration in China," (with Ray Miller) has been accepted for publication in Regional Science and Urban Economics. 



Shane Heitzman
“Net Operating Loss Carryforwards and Corporate Savings Policies” (with Rebecca Lester) is forthcoming in The Accounting Review.

Fiona Yingfei Wang
Fiona Yingfei Wang (Ph.D. student) was a runner-up for an Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award from the American Accounting Association for her dissertation, “Innovation Orientation and Employee Non-Wage Compensation.”

S. Mark Young
Won an award for supervising Fiona Yingfei Wang’s dissertation development.



Shantanu Dutta
“How Can AI Help Companies to Set Prices More Ethically” (with Mark Bergen, James Guszcza and Mark Zbaracki) was published in Harvard Business Review.

“Impact of Lifestyle Diseases on Income and Household Consumption: Evidence From an Emerging Economy” (with Saravana Jaikumar and Neeraj Sood) has been accepted for publication in Health Marketing Quarterly.

Robert Kozinets
“How Do Platforms Empower Consumers? Insights From the Affordances and Constraints of Reclame Aqui” (with Daniela Abrantes Ferreira and Paula Chimenti) was published in the Journal of Consumer Research.

Joe Priester
“The Brand Property Strength Framework: Integrating Theory and Research on Brand Consumer Psychology” (with M. A. Fleming, L. A. N. Donovan and C. Dutton) was published in the APA Handbook of Consumer Psychology (Eds. L.R. Kahle, T.M. Lowrey and J. Huber). Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association.