Faculty Honors and Publications for November 2021

November 17, 2021


Yingying Fan and Jinchi Lv
...were invited to give 45-minutes invited lectures at ICCM 2022 conference, which is organized by International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians and takes place every three years 

Chris Gopal
... has been sworn in as a member of the Defense Business Board (DBB). 

Matteo Sesia
"Hyperoxemia Among Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Patients Receiving Oxygen Therapy” (with Azadeh Fayazi and Kanwaljeet Singh Anand of Stanford Medicine), has been accepted in the Journal of Pediatric Intensive Care.

Somya Singvi
"Artificial Shortage in Agricultural Supply Chains: Manufacturing & Service Operations Management,” (with Retsef Levi and Yanchong Zheng), was published online in MSOM.

Tianshu Sun
“COVID-19 and E-commerce Operations: Evidence from Alibaba” (with former DSO Ph.D. student Brian Han and former DSO dept. faculty Leon Zhu), was accepted for publication in Manufacturing and Service Operations Management (MSOM)


Kristin Diehl
“Duration Sensitivity of Key Moments” (with E. Weingarten and G. Zauberman), was published in Cognition, Vol. 214, Sept., 104750.

Shantanu Dutta
“The Shareholder Wealth Implications of Software Firms’ Transition to Cloud Computing: A Marketing Perspective” (with Mehdi Nezami and Kapil Tuli), was accepted for publication and is forthcoming in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science (JAMS).



Paul Adler
“Bureaucracy is Dead, Long Live Bureaucracy: Clarifying and Expanding our View of Bureaucratic Organization” (with Pedro Monteiro), has been accepted for publication at the Academy of Management Annals.

Christopher Stewart
“Situating LIS Pedagogy and Curriculum in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility, and Anti-Racism: A Reflection on Process” (with Winn, J.G., Miller, M.L., Muglia, C., Wallach, R.), has been accepted for publication in Reference Services Review, vol. 50, no.1, Emerald Publishing Limited, and is forthcoming.

Leigh Tost
“Different Roots, Different Fruits: Gender-Based Differences in Cultural Narratives about Perceived Discrimination Produce Divergent Psychological Consequences” (with MOR Ph.D. student Jacob Roberson, A. E. Hardin and F. Gino), has been accepted for publication in Academy of Management Journal.

Scott Wiltermuth
“Better Now Than Later: The Cost of Victims’ Delayed Accusations” (with recently graduated MOR Ph.D. student Medha Raj), was accepted for publication in Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.