Expert in Behavioral Accounting

Leventhal's Sarah Bonner earns AAA lifetime contribution award

October 16, 2017

Sarah Bonner, Ernst and Young Professor of Accounting in the USC Leventhal School of Accounting, was honored with the Notable (Lifetime) Contribution Award in Behavioral Accounting Literature this fall. This award from the Accounting, Behavior and Organization Section of the American Accounting Association recognizes scholars who have contributed substantially to the theory and practice of behavioral accounting research in their academic careers.
“Professor Bonner's significant award is most fitting as it recognizes her many contributions made over an extended period of time,” said Dean William W. Holder. “Her work focuses on expert decision making and judgment and, consequently, is of great relevance and importance to our profession. We are thrilled that Professor Bonner, as a member of the Leventhal faculty, was chosen for this substantial honor.”      

Among Bonner’s accomplishments that impressed the American Accounting Association are: the depth and breadth of her research, the numerous citations of her scholarly publications in the field, and her 2008 book, Judgment and Decision Making in Accounting, that established her as a leader in the study of judgment and decision making.   

Bonner’s research into expertise covers a wide range of areas, including auditing, tax, managerial and financial accounting, while exploring various aspects of the topic, such as how people develop expertise and how others recognize expertise. Judgment and Decision Making in Accounting cuts across all areas of research and is a gold standard widely used in Ph.D. programs, for training purposes and for reference.

“I’m appreciative that the profession has recognized me for my work,” said Bonner, who earned her doctorate in business administration at the University of Michigan.

Bonner adds the Notable (Lifetime) Contribution Award in Behavioral Accounting Literature to a long list of recognitions, including two Access to Audit Personnel Awards and a Research Advisory Board Grant from the Center for Audit Quality, two USC-Mellon Awards for Excellence in Mentoring, and two Evan C. Thompson Faculty Mentoring and Leadership Awards from the Marshall School.