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    George Drysdale talks business from bananas to baseball

    Making generational business decisions is George Drysdale’s goal when selecting an investment. 

    Marshall Hosts ISMS Marketing Conference

    Scholars and practitioners convene at Jill & Frank Fertitta Hall June 7 – 10, 2017

    Global Graduates

    Three business schools. Three continents. Three degrees. The first class of the World Bachelor in Business program graduates—and walk at USC Marshall

    Cardinal and Gold

    Negin Golrezaei Ph.D. '17 is headed to MIT's Sloan School of way of Google.

    Ron Somers offers a front row seat to a developing India

    Ron Somers has a long term bet on the success of India.

    Healthy Interests

    Maariyah Patel '17 merged her passion for healthcare with an interest in finance and emerged a Renaissance Scholar

    The Leading Lady

    Amy Chau '17 is Georgetown Law-bound, and has been awarded the Order of Troy and the Dittrick Leadership Award.

    The Businessman Scholar

    Andrew Nahill '17 is a future consultant who cares--and has been recognized for his leadership by USC

    Celebrating a Beginning

    USC Marshall and Leventhal graduates urged to be “courageous” at Commencement 2017

    Good morning Professors!

    USC Marshall “hoods” 12 New Scholars from Across Departments