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    Pandemic: “Globalization will become regionalization.”

    In this episode of Business Class, we look at how the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting the ASEAN nations, particularly Thailand.

    Seeds of Change

    BSEL’s Social Venture Coaching Competition seeds four USC startups, and gains a wider audience, thanks to being held online

    A Historic Graduation

    USC Marshall and Leventhal students “walk” for Commencement in online celebrations

    A Taxing Year

    Juliette Smotrys BS ’19, MBT ’20 says her Leventhal experience has set her up well for the daunting challenges of the tax code.

    Pandemic: On the virus timeline, "China has a two month lead."

    It’s always difficult to know what’s happening inside China.

    Our Scholar in Spain

    Ashley Chainani '20 found herself at USC Marshall. And she'll soon find herself in Spain on a Fulbright Scholarship

    Zooming In

    Marketing seminars draw international audience, thanks to reach of Zoom

    Helping People Connect and Thrive at Home

    Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab student innovations take on more meaning during quarantine

    Giving Before They Go

    If you could give back one more time before graduating USC Marshall, what would you do? Gavin Doyle BCA '20 had a good idea. 

    The Problem Solver

    Strategic planning and changing lives is the thing for Sydney Martin MBT ’20