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    If You Build It...

    Members of USC Marshall’s MBV program turned out to help Habitat for Humanity

    Indra Uno Indonesian Socialpreneur

    At heart, Indra Uno is a consultant.

    Duet Tackles Refugee Crisis

    Marshall and Viterbi students launch nonprofit connecting refugees, donors and local businesses

    The 99 Percent Economy

    In his new book, Professor Paul Adler suggests we try democratic socialism...or else

    The man Mao threw into prison. Twice! Sidney Rittenberg – In Memoriam

    Sidney Rittenberg led an exceptional life.

    BSEL Hits the Road

    Alumni events aim to boost the network of grads in social impact jobs

    Entrepreneur of the Year 2019

    Sara Blakely Shares the Story of Spanx with students and friends at Town & Gown

    Minds and Machines

    How do we feel about the tech that runs our lives? Nathanael Fast studies the psychology of technology


    Taking Academic Risks

    The Institute for Outlier Research in Business aims to change the business world through risky multi-disciplinary research


    Devoted to Diversity

    Kendall L. Simmonds Scholarship continues professor’s legacy