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    Working to Keep America’s Promise

    A longtime humanitarian aid worker looks to Marshall’s Master of Science in Social Entrepreneurship to learn how to create public/private partnerships.

    (Still) Going Global

    USC Marshall hosts the Business International Studies Network annual conference (BisNet) to discuss how schools kept international experiences for students relevant during the pandemic

    Influencing the Influencers

    New research from USC Marshall suggests full disclosure about a company’s relationship with a social media influencer isn’t necessarily best for consumers. 

    9th Annual Global Supply Chain Excellence Summit

    Noted event to be held Oct. 19-20 takes place in person and virtually, increasing attendance

    From Student to Professional

    World Bachelor in Business graduate Grant Calderone describes the appeal of a truly international college experience

    Building Leaders

    USC Marshall's Coury Applied Leadership Program teaches active leadership skills to first-year students


    Transferring into Success

    It’s hard getting into Marshall. But invitation-only members of Marshall’s Pathways Program get a second chance to transfer in. Meet a member of the first cohort.

    A Growing Pathway

    USC Marshall’s innovative Pathways Program (MPP) for transfer students has grown the number of Black business students by 40%. And it's just the start.