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    Transferring into Success

    It’s Hard to Get into Marshall. Members of Marshall’s Pathways Program get a Second Chance to Transfer in. Meet a Member of the First Cohort.

    A Growing Pathway

    USC Marshall’s Innovative Pathways Program (MPP)  for Transfer Students has Grown the Number of Black Business Students by 40%. And it's Just the Start.

    The Art of the Start(up)

    Now in its sixth year, the USC Marshall Greif Incubator has nurtured hundreds of startups to the next level of growth.

    Helping Ida Victims

    A Master of Business for Veterans alumni took charge and trucked supplies to those most impacted by Hurricane Ida.

    The Connector

    Aaron “A.J.” Eckstein didn’t let the pandemic shutdown derail him—instead he found his passion for helping others land their dream jobs

    USC Marshall Undergraduate Program Reaches Gender Parity

    Women comprise 52 percent of first-year students

    Best in Class

    USC Marshall’s Vice Dean for Undergraduate Programs Introduces New Emphases to Deepen Student Experience