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USC Marshall faculty members are leading scholars and clinical practitioners who bring the breadth and depth of business to life for their students and academic peers. Our research faculty continue to uncover insights into critical topics affecting a business world that is facing rapid change and disruptive technology and innovation.


Entrepreneurship Meets Nationalism

Christina Lubinski, Professor of Clinical Entrepreneurship, Speaks on "Entrepreneurship Meets Nationalism: A Historical Exploration” at the Faculty Research Fair 2020

Faculty Research Fair 2020: Anthony Dukes

Professor of Marketing and Chair, Anthony Dukes presents a talk: When the Marketer Knows More About the Consumer than the Consumer."

Unleashing the Crowd

New research shows how to rethink crowdsourcing for innovation… and the fundamental way organizations work

Quantity vs. Quality

Chinese state-owned enterprises often care less about novelty than number in patent portfolios

Judgment Calls

Making decisions when you are uncertain

Attention Please

Cary Frydman shows how neuroscience can influence economic policy

Minds and Machines

How do we feel about the tech that runs our lives? Nathanael Fast studies the psychology of technology

Diving into Disruption

Marshall and iORB convene top researchers and industry execs at Fintech Conference 

Harnessing IoT

To unlock the full value of the Internet of Things, an interdisciplinary team of scholars at USC works to build the business and technical “marketecture.”

The Cultural Mismatch

Background matters when it comes to success in new settings: A Q & A with researcher Sarah Townsend