Welcome to Research@USCMarshall

USC Marshall faculty members are leading scholars and clinical practitioners who bring the breadth and depth of business to life for their students and academic peers. Our research faculty continue to uncover insights into critical topics affecting a business world that is facing rapid change and disruptive technology and innovation.

We have launched a monthly newsletter, Research@USCMarshall, dedicated to sharing this business research. Our inaugural issue in July 2018 explored regulation within the digital space, where behavioral guidelines have been slow to materialize, and those in place are more reactive than prescriptive.

Each month we will highlight--and share with you--research on a different topic.

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Minds and Machines

How do we feel about the tech that runs our lives? Nathanael Fast studies the psychology of technology

Diving into Disruption

Marshall and iORB convene top researchers and industry execs at Fintech Conference 

Harnessing IoT

To unlock the full value of the Internet of Things, an interdisciplinary team of scholars at USC works to build the business and technical “marketecture.”

The Cultural Mismatch

Background matters when it comes to success in new settings: A Q & A with researcher Sarah Townsend

Playing Well with Robots

Are robots coming for your job? Yes, but smart employers will see the benefits of using both humans and robots.

Should I stay or Should I go?

Joseph Raffiee's research and managing the impact of job change

Studying the Social Entrepreneurs

Jill Kickul wrote the book on social entrepreneurship. Literally.

Selling Status

When it comes to understanding how to sell status, Joe Nunes is an expert

And Equality for All

MOR professor Leigh Tost sees diversity as part of a cultural phenomenon that deals with how people allocate power and how rewards are distributed

When Audits Don't go as Planned

Lennox is fascinated by what happens when auditing does not go as it should. His research on the topic has impact