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USC Marshall faculty members are leading scholars and clinical practitioners who bring the breadth and depth of business to life for their students and academic peers. Our research faculty continue to uncover insights into critical topics affecting a business world that is facing rapid change and disruptive technology and innovation.


Faculty Research Fair 2021: Florenta Teodoridis

With grants and awards for her work, Teodoridis researches the ‘ideas sector’

Faculty Research Fair 2021: Davide Proserpio

Davide Proserpio, a leading expert in the sharing economy, measures the impact of digital platforms on markets

Faculty Research Fair 2021: Greys Sošić

Greys Sošić’s research focuses on sustainability in today’s markets

Targeting Treatment

New USC Marshall research creates a mathematical method for choosing who gets treated when resources and data are scarce—and proves it performs better than standard practice 

Digital Democracy?

While the internet facilitates the growth of alternative business platforms, offering new opportunities to previously untapped populations, it also behaves in traditional market patterns. As always, those who start with more potentially benefit most, new research shows


Direct Democracy

In his new book, John Matsusaka makes a case for more power to the people

Keeping Accounting Accountable

when Richard Sloan discovered the “Accrual Anomaly” nearly 25 years ago, he transformed business practice for investors and investment managers. He didn't stop there.

Nate Fast: The Psychology of Technology

Associate Professor of Management and Organization Nate Fast is at the forefront of a new field of business research: The psychology of technology.

Tom Chang: Adding Data to the Discussion

For Professor of Finance and Business Economics Tom Chang, adding data to the discussion is the point.

Key Insights into Data Analytics

Big data and machine learning may be buzzwords in popular culture, but Yingying Fan has been contributing key insights into data analytics for more than a decade.