Welcome to Research@USCMarshall

USC Marshall faculty members are leading scholars and clinical practitioners who bring the breadth and depth of business to life for their students and academic peers. Our research faculty continue to uncover insights into critical topics affecting a business world that is facing rapid change and disruptive technology and innovation.

We have launched a monthly newsletter, Research@USCMarshall, dedicated to sharing this business research. Our inaugural issue in July 2018 explored regulation within the digital space, where behavioral guidelines have been slow to materialize, and those in place are more reactive than prescriptive.

Each month we will highlight--and share with you--research on a different topic.

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Keeping Watch

Gerard Hoberg's time in the financial industry informs his research, which is identifying ways to help call the next downturn before it happens 

Mindset as a Skill Set

USC Marshall institute teaches students the science behind performance

Good idea. Why wait?

USC Marshall brings Intellectual Property into the undergraduate classroom

Safety First

Worried West Coast corporations partner to fuel the risk management pipeline

21st Century Programs

Marshall’s MBA programs thrive as they adapt to change

Opening the Black Box

USC Marshall Researchers Develop First Public Release of High-Speed Approach to Large Scale Internet Advertising

The Digital Age

Raj Rajagopalan's research shows that digitization in supply chain optimizes efficiencies, bringing operators around the globe in sync.

Pay Your Way

Greys Sošić has designed a model to allocate who’s responsible for emissions at each stage of the supply chain.


Unifying Figure

Nick Vyas builds a state-of-the-art Global Supply Chain Management program.


The Difference that Makes a Difference

USC Marshall Scholar receives Lord Foundation Award to study difference-education interventions