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    Rahul Kapoor, John Eklund () "Research: Self-Disruption Can Hurt the Companies That Need It the Most ,"  2018.
    Charles Swenson, Namryoung Lee () "Empirical evidence on the impact of recent Korean tax reforms ,"  Investment Management and Financial Innovations  15.
    Kimon Drakopoulos, Ozan Candogan () "Optimal Signaling of Content Accuracy: Engagement vs. Misinformation ,"  Operations Research/Informs.
    Peter Kim, Robert Ployhart, Christina Gibson () "Is Organizational Behavior Overtheorized? ,"  Academy of Management Review  43, 1-5.
    Vincenzo Quadrini, Qi Sun () "Credit and Firm-Level Volatility of Employment ,"  Journal of the European Economic Association  16, 1433–1475.
    Rafay Siddiqui, Ashwani Monga, Eva Buechel () "When Intertemporal Rewards Are Hedonic, Larger Units of Wait Time Boost Patience ,"  Journal of Consumer Psychology  28, 612-628.
    Stephen Byars, Kurt Stanberry () "Business Ethics ,"  OpenStax: Houston TX, 367 pages.
    Gregory Autry () "Mojave Space Port: Entrepreneurship in the Public Sector ,"  Greif Case Study Initiative / HBSP, 16.
    Michael Kramer, Sun Kyong Lee, Yijia Guo () "Using Communication Technology to Manage Uncertainty during Organizational Assimilation: Information-Seeking and Information-Giving ,"  NA  Western Journal of Communication , NA  NA, NA.
    Courtney Paulson, Lan Luo, Gareth James () "Efficient Large-Scale Internet Media Selection Optimization for Online Display Advertising ,"  Journal of Marketing Research  55, 489-506.
    Eva Buechel, Claudia Townsend () "Buying Beauty for the Long Run: (Mis)predicting Liking of Product Aesthetics ,"  Journal of Consumer Research  45, 275-297.
    Lawrence Harris, Kumar Venkataraman, Elisse Walter () "Comment on Delayed TRACE Large Trade Reporting FIMSAC Recommendation ,"  Securities and Exchange Commission  SEC File No. 265-30, 6 pages.
    Maurice Murphy () "Competing for Emerging Markets: A Resource Dependence Model of Foreign Market Entry Mode ,"  Academy of Management Conference Best Paper Proceedings  Winner of the 2018 Douglas Nigh Best Paper Award, Academy of Management Conference, International Management Division.
    John Eklund () "The Knowledge-Incentive Trade-off: Understanding the Relationship between Organization Design and Innovation ,"  Academy of Management Best Papers Proceedings  2018.
    Robyn Walker, Peter Cardon, Jolanta Aritz () "Enhancing global virtual small group communication skills. ,"  Journal of Intercultural Communication Research  47, 421-433.
    Eva Buechel, Jonah Berger () "Microblogging and the Value of Undirected Communication ,"  Journal of Consumer Psychology  28, 40-55.
    Sharoni Little, Laverne Tolbert () "The Problem with Black Boys: Race, Gender, and Discipline in Christian and Private Elementary Schools ,"  Christian Education Journal, Sage  15, 406-421.
    Ayse Imrohoroglu, Kai Zhao () "The Chinese Saving Rate: Long-Term Care Risks, Family Insurance, and Demographics ,"  Journal of Monetary Economics  96.