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    Gerry Ledford, Edward Lawler () "The Elusive Linkage Between CEO Pay and Performance ,"  Management Research: Journal of the Iberoamerican Academy of Management, Emerald Publishing Limited  16, 57-65.
    Michael Bikard, Keyvan Vakili, Florenta Teodoridis () "When Collaboration Bridges Institutions: The Impact of Industry Collaboration on Academic Productivity ,"  Organization Science.
    Thomas Greckhamer, Santi Furanri, Peer Fiss, Ruth Aguilera () "Studying Configurations with Qualitative Comparative Analysis: Best Practices in Strategy and Organization Research ,"  Strategic Organization  16, 482-495.
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    Shijie Lu, Sha Yang () "Investigating the Spillover Effect of Keyword Market Entry in Sponsored Search Advertising ,"  Marketing Science  36, 976-998.
    Sarah Townsend, Mindy Truong () "Cultural models of self and social class disparities at organizational gateways and pathways. ,"  Current Opinion in Psychology, 93-98.
    Daniel O'Leary () "Configuring blockchain architectures for transaction information in blockchain consortiums: The case of accounting and supply chain systems ,"  Intelligent Systems in Accounting, Finance and Management  24, 138-147.
    Travis Dyer, Mark Lang, Lorien Stice-Lawrence () "The Evolution of 10-K Textual Disclosure: Evidence from Latent Dirichlet Allocation ,"  Journal of Accounting and Economics  64.
    Tom Chang, Mireille Jacobson () "Going to Pot? The Impact of Dispensary Closures on Crime ,"  CATO Institute.
    Lawrence Harris, Charles Calomiris, Catherine Schrand, Roman Weil () "Bank Capital as a Substitute for Prudential Regulation ,"  Journal of Applied Corporate Finance   29, 25-29.
    Qingyuan Yue () "Lessons from the National Banking Era Financial Crises in the U.S. ,"  Tsinghua Financial Review  47, 105-109.
    Eric Anicich, Jacob Hirsh () "The Psychology of Middle Power: Vertical Code-Switching, Role Conflict, and Behavioral Inhibition ,"  Academy of Management Review  42, 659-682.
    Davide Proserpio, Georgios Zervas () "Online reputation management: Estimating the impact of management responses on consumer reviews ,"  Marketing Science  36, 645-665.
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    Yanhao Wei, Joseph Harrington () "What Can the Duration of Discovered Cartels Tell Us About the Duration of All Cartels? ,"  Economic Journal  127.
    Rodney Ram () "Monetary Pass-Through: Household Consumption and Voluntary Deleveraging ,"  American Economic Review  107, 3550-3588.