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    Shomik Jain, Davide Proserpio, Giovanni Quattrone, Daniele Quercia () "Nowcasting gentrification using Airbnb data ,"  Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction  5, 1--21.
    Matthew Bloomfield, Brandon Gipper, John Kepler, David Tsui () "Cost Shielding in Executive Bonus Plans ,"  Journal of Accounting and Economics  72.
    Patty Dechow, Samuel Tan () "How Do Accounting Practices Spread? An Examination of Law Firm Networks and Stock Option Backdating ,"  THE ACCOUNTING REVIEW  96, 431-464.
    Han Jiang, Nan Jia, Tao Bai, Garry Bruton () "Cleaning House Before Hosting New Guests: A Political Path Dependence Model of Political Connection Adaptation in The Aftermath of Anticorruption Shocks ,"  Strategic Management Journal  42, 1793–1821.
    Sampath Rajagopalan, Chunyang Tong () "Payment Models to Coordinate Healthcare Providers with Partial Attribution of Outcome Costs ,"  Manufacturing & Service Operations Management  Published online Jan 2021.
    Ron Bekkerman, Maxime Cohen, Edward Kung, John Maiden, Davide Proserpio () "Research: Restricting Airbnb Rentals Reduces Development ,"  Harvard Business Review.
    Young Jun Cho, David Tsui, Holly Yang () "The Role of Convex Equity Incentives in Managers’ Forecasting Decisions ,"  Journal of Financial Reporting  6, 19-44.
    Carolin Fleischmann, Peter Cardon, Jolanta Aritz () "Acceptance of speech-to-text technology: Exploring language proficiency and psychological safety in global virtual teams. ,"  Proceedings of the 54th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences.
    Patty Dechow, Ryan Erhard, Richard Sloan, Mark Soliman () "Implied Equity Duration: A Measure of Pandemic Shutdown Risk ,"  JOURNAL OF ACCOUNTING RESEARCH  59, 243-281.
    Nan Jia, Bo Zhao, Jiangyong Lu, Wei Zheng () "No Free Lunch After All: Corporate Political Connections and Firms’ Location Choices ,"  Organization Science.
    Shane Greenstein, Grace Gu, Feng Zhu () "Ideology and Composition Shift among an Online Crowd: Evidence from Wikipedians ,"  Management Science  67, 3067–3086.
    Georgios Zervas, Davide Proserpio, John Byers () "A first look at online reputation on Airbnb, where every stay is above average ,"  Marketing Letters  32, 1--16.
    Eric Anicich, Michael Schaerer, Jake Gale, Trevor Foulk () "A Fluctuating Sense of Power at Work is Associated with Reduced Well-Being ,"  Journal of Experimental Social Psychology  92.
    Kyle Barron, Edward Kung, Davide Proserpio () "The effect of home-sharing on house prices and rents: Evidence from Airbnb ,"  Marketing Science  40, 23--47.
    Ningzhong Li, Yun Lou, Clemens Otto, Regina Wittenberg Moerman () "Accounting Quality and Debt Concentration ,"  The Accounting Review  96, 377–400.
    Christopher Jones, Haitao Mo () "Out-of-Sample Performance of Mutual Fund Predictors ,"  Review of Financial Studies  34, 149-193.
    Grace Gu, Feng Zhu () "Trust and Disintermediation: Evidence from an Online Freelance Marketplace ,"  Management Science  67, 794–807.
    Davide Proserpio, Isamar Troncoso, Francesca Valsesia () "Does gender matter? The effect of management responses on reviewing behavior ,"  Marketing Science  40, 1199--1213.
    Jung Koo Kang, Christopher Williams, Regina Wittenberg Moerman () "CDS Trading and Relationship Lending Dynamics ,"  Review of Accounting Studies  26, 258–292.
    Peter Cardon, Haibing Ma, Carolin Fleischmann () "Recorded work meetings and algorithmic tools: Anticipated boundary turbulence. ,"  Proceedings of the 54th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences.