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    Lawrence Harris () "Comment Letter on the Proposed SEC Transaction Fee Pilot ,"  Securities and Exchange Commission  SEC File No. S7-05-18, 14 pages.
    Mark Verheyden, Peter Cardon () "Social software and internal communicators’ gatekeeping sense of self ,"  Public Relations Review  44, 299-307.
    Scott Wiltermuth, Medha Raj, Wood () "How Perceived Power Influences the Consequences of Dominance Expressions in Negotiations ,"  Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes  146, 14-30.
    Sarah Bonner, Tracie Majors, Stacey Ritter () "Prepopulating Audit Workpapers with Prior Year Assessments: Default Option Effects on Risk Rating Accuracy ,"  Journal of Accounting Research   56, 1453-1481.
    Andrea Ordanini, Joseph Nunes, Anastasia Nanni () "The Featuring Phenomenon in Music: How Combining Artists from Different Genres Increases a Song’s Popularity ,"  Springer  29.
    Chad Kendall, Ryan Oprea () "Are Biased Beliefs Fit to Survive? An Experimental Test of the Market Selection Hypothesis ,"  Journal of Economic Theory  176, 342-371.
    Thomas Knapp, Jacqueline Orr () "Flying the Coop: Telesign's Incubator Exit ,".
    L Brown, Gourab Mukherjee, A Weinstein () "Empirical Bayes Estimates for a 2-Way Cross- Classied Additive Model ,"  Annals of Statistics.
    Lawrence Harris, Vineer Bhansali () "Everybody's Doing it: Short Volatility Strategies and Shadow Financial Insurers ,"  Financial Analysts Journal  76, 12-23.
    Fabrizio Perri, Vincenzo Quadrini () "International Recessions ,"  American economic Review  108, 935-84.
    Chad Kendall () "The Time Cost of Information in Financial Markets ,"  Journal of Economic Theory  176, 118-157.
    Patricia Mills () "Special Alert - Tax Cut and Jobs Act Impact on Real Estate ,"  Powell on Real Property  LexisNexis, Ch 10B.
    Donald Ferrin, Cecily Cooper, Kurt Dirks, Peter Kim () "Heads will roll! Routes to effective trust repair in the aftermath of a CEO transgression ,"  Journal of Trust Research.
    Xin Tong, Yang Feng, Jingyi Li () "Neyman-Pearson (NP) classification algorithms and NP receiver operating characteristics ,"  Science Advances .
    Zlatko Bodrožić, Paul Adler () "The Evolution of Management Models: A Neo-Schumpeterian Theory ,"  Administrative Science Quarterly  63, 85-129.
    Davide Proserpio, Georgios Zervas () "Study: Replying to Customer Reviews Results in Better Ratings ,"  Harvard Business Review.
    Gareth James () "Statistics within Business in the Era of Big Data ,"  Statistics and Probability Letters  136, 155-159.
    Chakravarthi Narasimhan, Purushottam Papatla, Baojun Jiang, Praveen Kopalle, Paul Messinger, Sridhar Moorthy, Davide Proserpio, Upender Subramanian, Chunhua Wu, Ting Zhu () "Sharing Economy: Review of Current Research and Future Directions ,"  Customer Needs and Solutions  5 , 93-106.
    Edward Lawler () "Employee Engagement: A Critical Commentary. ,"  Employee Relations Today  44, 47-50.
    Florenta Teodoridis, Michael Bikard, Keyvan Vakili () "Creativity at the Knowledge Frontier: The Impact of Specialization in Fast- and Slow-paced Domains ,"  Administrative Science Quarterly.