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    Osman Abbasoğlu, Ayse Imrohoroglu, Ayse Kabukcuoglu () "The Turkish Current Account Deficit ,"  Economic Inquiry  57.
    Oren Lederman, Daniel Fehder, A Morales, Fiona Murray, Sandy Pentland () "Communication Patterns and Performance in Early Startups ,".
    Joshua Fairbanks, Mark Griffiths, Drew Winters () "Financial Crisis Solutions in the Commercial Paper Market: An Analysis of the CPFF and the TLGP ,"  Emerald  45, 294-310.
    John Matsusaka, Oguzhan Ozbas, Irene Yi () "Opportunistic Proposals by Union Shareholders ,"  Review of Financial Studies.
    Diego Daruich, William Easterly, Ariell Reshef () "The Surprising Instability of Export Specializations ,"  Journal of Development Economics  137, 36--65.
    Andrew Ogilvie () "FYC Students as Writing Studies Scholars: Promoting Procedural Knowledge through Participation ,"  Next Steps New Directions for/in Writing about Writing  Utah State University Press, 15, 5.
    Florenta Teodoridis, Michael Bikard, Keyvan Vakili () "Creativity at the Knowledge Frontier: The Impact of Specialization in Fast- and Slow-paced Domains ,"  Administrative Science Quarterly  64, 894-927.
    Belinda Del Gaudio, Mark Griffiths, Gabriele Sampagnaro () "Soft information production in SME lending ,"  Journal of Financial Research  early view online - print forthcoming.
    Tom Chang, Joshua Graff-Zivin, Tal Gross, Matthew Neidell () "The Effect of Pollution on Worker Productivity: Evidence from Call-Center Workers in China ,"  AEJ: Applied Economics  11.
    Judith Chevalier, Yaniv Dover, Dina Mayzlin () "Channels of Impact: User reviews when quality is dynamic and managers respond ,"  Marketing Science   37, 688-709.
    Bob Zukis () "Information Technology Governance ,"  The Corporate Board Magazine, 4.
    Nicole Stephens, Sarah Townsend, Andrea Dittmann () "Social class disparities in higher education and in the workplace: The role of cultural mismatch. ,"  Current Directions in Psychological Science.
    Bob Zukis, Douglas Chia () "OpEd: Is the SEC Failing Investors on Cybersecurity Risk? ,"  FT Agenda, 1.
    Mete Kilic, Jessica Wachter () "Risk, Unemployment, and the Stock Market: A Rare-Event-Based Explanation of Labor Market Volatility ,"  Review of Financial Studies  31, 4762–4814.
    Gil Appel, Barak Libai, Eitan Muller () "On the Monetary Impact of Fashion Design Piracy ,"  International Journal of Research in Marketing  35, 591-610.
    Lawrence Harris () "A Strong Dollar Is Good for America ,"  Wall Street Journal.
    Peter Cardon, Hongqing Li, Hanjing Shi () "Displays of status and expressiveness in professional profile pictures on LinkedIn and corporate websites: A cross-cultural comparison of China and the United States. ,"  Global Advances in Business Communication Journal  7, Article 4.
    Yanhao Wei () "The Similarity Network of Motion Pictures ,"  Management Science.
    Sarah Townsend, Nicole Stephens, Stephanie Smallets, MarYam Hamedani () "Empowerment through difference: An individually-administered difference-education intervention closes the social class achievement gap ,"  Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.