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    Jung Koo Kang, Lorien Stice-Lawrence, Forester Wong () "The Firm Next Door: Using Satellite Images to Study Local Information Advantage ,"  Journal of Accounting Research  59, 713-750.
    Patrick Augustin, Mikhail Chernov, Lukas Schmid, Dongho Song () "Benchmark Interest Rates when the Government is Risky ,"  Journal of Financial Economics  140, 74-100.
    Joao Gomes, Lukas Schmid () "Equilibrium Asset Pricing with Leverage and Default ,"  Journal of Finance  76, 977-1018.
    Yanhao "Max" Wei, Anthony Dukes () "Cryptocurrency Adoption and Speculative Price Bubbles ,"  Marketing Science  40, 241-260.
    Peng Shi () "Optimal Priority-Based Allocation Mechanisms ,"  Management Science,
    Linda Hagen () "Pretty Healthy Food: How and When Aesthetics Enhance Perceived Healthiness ,"  Journal of Marketing  85, 129-145.
    Zachariah Brown, Eric Anicich, Adam Galinsky () "Does Your Office Have a Jargon Problem? ,"  Harvard Business Review.
    Sampath Rajagopalan, Chunyang Tong () "“Payment Models to Coordinate Healthcare Providers: Extension to Risk-Averse Providers” ,"  Operations Research Letters  49, 326-332.
    Eric Anicich, Jon Jachimowicz, Merrick Osborne, L. Phillips () "Structuring local environments to avoid racial diversity: Anxiety drives Whites’ geographical and institutional self-segregation preferences ,"  Journal of Experimental Social Psychology  95.
    Boris Nikolov, Lukas Schmid, Roberto Steri () "The Sources of Financing Constraints ,"  Journal of Financial Economics  139, 478-501.
    Matthew Bloomfield, Brandon Gipper, John Kepler, David Tsui () "Cost Shielding in Executive Bonus Plans ,"  Journal of Accounting and Economics  72.
    Paola Cillo, Joseph Nunes, Emanuela Prandelli () "Changing Style in Style-changing Industries: The Role of Critics as Gatekeepers in High-End Fashion ,"  Emerald Publishing Limited  Aesthetics and Style in Strategy, 171-197.
    Shomik Jain, Davide Proserpio, Giovanni Quattrone, Daniele Quercia () "Nowcasting gentrification using Airbnb data ,"  Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction  5, 1--21.
    Young Jun Cho, David Tsui, Holly Yang () "The Role of Convex Equity Incentives in Managers’ Forecasting Decisions ,"  Journal of Financial Reporting  6, 19-44.
    Peter Cardon, Haibing Ma, Carolin Fleischmann () "Recorded work meetings and algorithmic tools: Anticipated boundary turbulence. ,"  Proceedings of the 54th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences.
    Yanhao "Max" Wei, Jihoon Hong, Gerard Tellis () "Machine Learning for Creativity: How Similarity Networks Help to Design Winning Projects in Crowdfunding? ,"  Journal of Marketing.
    Carolin Fleischmann, Peter Cardon, Jolanta Aritz () "Acceptance of speech-to-text technology: Exploring language proficiency and psychological safety in global virtual teams. ,"  Proceedings of the 54th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences.