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    Laurens Debo, Greys Sosic, Fang Tian () "Manufacturers' Competition and Cooperation in Sustainability: Stable Recycling Alliances ,"  Management Science  65, 4733-4753.
    Anthony Dukes, Tansev Geylani, Kannan Srinivasan () "Consumption Trends and the Warehouse Club Retail Format ,"  Managerial and Decision Economics  40, 838-844.
    Vivian Li, Shan Li, Xin Tong, Ling Deng, Hubin Shi, Jessica Li () "AIDE: annotation-assisted isoform discovery and abundance estimation from RNA-seq data ,"  Genome Research .
    Sharoni Little () "The Role of Diversity Leaders at US Business Schools ,"  Insight into Diversity.
    Forester Wong, April Klein, Anthony Saunders () "Is there a “Quid Pro Quo” between Hedge Funds and Sell-Side Equity Analysts? ,"  Journal of Portfolio Management  45, 117-132.
    Susan Cohen, Daniel Fehder, Yael Hochberg, Fiona Murray () "The design of startup accelerators ,"  Research Policy  48, 1781-1797.
    Peter Kim, Ju Rie (Alyssa) Han, Alexandra Mislin, Ece Tuncel () "The Retrospective Imputation of Nefarious Intent ,"  Academy of Management Proceedings  2019.
    John Eklund () "Portfolio Renewal: The Impact of Organization Design and Supporting Resources on New Product Sales ,"  Academy of Management Best Papers Proceedings  2019.
    Carey Morewedge, Meng Zhu, Eva Buechel () "Hedonic Contrast Effects are Larger when Comparisons are Social ,"  Journal of Consumer Research  46, 286-306.
    Miao Zhang () "Labor-Technology Substitution: Implications for Asset Pricing ,"  Journal of Finance  74, 1793-1839.
    Zibin Xu, Anthony Dukes () "Product Line Design with Superior Information on Consumers’ Preferences: Implications of Data Aggregation ,"  Marketing Science  38, 669-689.
    Sarah Townsend, Nicole Stephens, Stephanie Smallets, MarYam Hamedani () "Empowerment through difference: An individually-administered difference-education intervention closes the social class achievement gap ,"  Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.
    Mete Kilic, Ivan Shaliastovich () "Good and Bad Variance Premia and Expected Returns ,"  Management Science  65, 2445-2945.
    Emmanuel Johnson, Gale Lucas, Peter Kim, Jonathan Gratch () "Intelligent Tutoring System for Negotiation Skills Training ,"  Artificial Intelligence in Education / Springer  11626,
    Mete Kilic, Darien Huang () "Gold, Platinum, and Expected Stock Returns ,"  Journal of Financial Economics  132, 50-75.