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    Madhu Viswanathan, Saravana Jaikumar, Arun Sreekumar, Shantanu Dutta () ""Marketplace literacy education and coping behaviors among subsistence consumer–entrepreneurs during demonetization in India." ,"  Journal of Consumer Affairs, 1-24.
    Peter Monteleone, Subash Banerjee, Priya Kothapalli, Ariel Stern, Daniel Fehder, Ron Ginor, Dominic Vollmar, Edward Fry, Mark Pirwitz () "The Market Reacts Quickly: Changes in Paclitaxel Vascular Device Purchasing Within the Ascension Healthcare System ,"  Journal of Invasive Cardiology  32.
    Laurens Debo, Greys Sosic, Fang Tian () "Stable recycling networks under the Extended Producer Responsibility ,"  EJOR  287, 989-1002.
    Frank Nagle, Florenta Teodoridis () "In R&D, Generalists Are More Valuable Than You Think ,"  Harvard Business Review.
    Dan Wadhwani () "Gales, Streams, and Multipliers: Conceptual Metaphors and Theory Development in Business History ,"  Enterprise and Society  21, 320-339.
    Jeffrey Furman, Florenta Teodoridis () "Machine Learning Could Improve Innovation Policy ,"  Nature Machine Intelligence.
    Sharoni Little () "Michelle Obama and the FLOTUS Effect: Platform, Presence, and Agency ,"  Michelle Obama and the FLOTUS Effect: Platform, Presence, and Agency  Lexington, 2, 472.