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    Daniel Barron, Robert Gibbons, Ricard Gil, Kevin Murphy () "Relational Adaptation under Reel Authority ,"  Management Science  66, 1868-1889.
    Hyo Kang, Lee Fleming () "Non‐competes, business dynamism, and concentration: Evidence from a Florida case study ,"  Journal of Economics & Management Strategy  29, 663-685.
    Hailong Cui, Sampath Rajagopalan, Amy Ward () "Predicting Product Return Volume Using Machine Learning Methods ,"  European Journal of Operational Research, Special Issue on Business Analytics  281, 612-627.
    Avi Goldfarb, Bledi Taska, Florenta Teodoridis () "Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare? Evidence from Online Job Postings ,"  AEA Papers and Proceedings.
    Laurens Debo, Greys Sosic, Fang Tian () "Stable recycling networks under the Extended Producer Responsibility ,"  EJOR  287, 989-1002.
    Madhu Viswanathan, Saravana Jaikumar, Arun Sreekumar, Shantanu Dutta () ""Marketplace literacy education and coping behaviors among subsistence consumer–entrepreneurs during demonetization in India." ,"  Journal of Consumer Affairs, 1-24.
    Jeff Furman, Florenta Teodoridis () "Automation, Research Technology and Researchers’ Trajectories: Evidence from Computer Science and Electrical Engineering ,"  Organization Science  31(2): 330-354.
    Christina Lubinski, Dan Wadhwani () "International Entrepreneurship and Business History ,"  The Routledge Companion to the Makers of Global Business  Routledge, 4, 55-68.
    Frank Nagle, Florenta Teodoridis () "In R&D, Generalists Are More Valuable Than You Think ,"  Harvard Business Review.
    Kevin Murphy, Tatiana Sandino () "Compensation Consultants and the Level, Composition and Complexity of CEO Pay ,"  The Accounting Review  95, 311-341.
    Gal Zauberman, Kristin Diehl, Alixandra Barasch () "Memory Pointers and Identity ,"  The Handbook of Identity Research in Marketing, 14.
    Diego Daruich, Julian Kozlowski () "Explaining Intergenerational Mobility: The Role of Fertility and Family Transfers ,"  Review of Economic Dynamics.
    Jeffrey Furman, Florenta Teodoridis () "Machine Learning Could Improve Innovation Policy ,"  Nature Machine Intelligence.
    Peter Monteleone, Subash Banerjee, Priya Kothapalli, Ariel Stern, Daniel Fehder, Ron Ginor, Dominic Vollmar, Edward Fry, Mark Pirwitz () "The Market Reacts Quickly: Changes in Paclitaxel Vascular Device Purchasing Within the Ascension Healthcare System ,"  Journal of Invasive Cardiology  32.
    Sharoni Little () "Michelle Obama and the FLOTUS Effect: Platform, Presence, and Agency ,"  Michelle Obama and the FLOTUS Effect: Platform, Presence, and Agency  Lexington, 2, 472.
    Forester Wong () "Wolves at the Door: A Closer Look at Hedge Fund Activism ,"  Management Science.
    Nicole Stephens, Sarah Townsend () "Understanding how people detect social class from speech requires taking a cultural psychological perspective ,"  Proceedings of the National Academics of Sciences  116, 23871-23873.
    Mahesh Nagarajan, Greys Sosic, Chunyang Tong () "Dynamic Stable Supplier Coalitions and Invariance in Assembly Systems with Commodity Components ,"  Operations Research  67, 1269-1282.