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    Sherry He, Brett Hollenbeck, Davide Proserpio () "How Fake Customer Reviews Do — and Don't — Work ,"  Harvard Business Review.
    Helena Yli-Renko, Lien Denoo, Ramkumar Janakiraman () "A Knowledge-Based View of Managing Dependence on a Key Customer: Survival and Growth Outcomes for Young Firms ,"  Journal of Business Venturing  35,
    Eric Anicich, Trevor Foulk, Merrick Osborne, Jake Gale, Michael Schaerer () "Getting back to the “new normal”: Autonomy restoration during a global pandemic ,"  Journal of Applied Psychology  105, 931-943.
    Eric Anicich, Trevor Foulk, Merrick Osborne, Jake Gale, Michael Schaerer () "Restore Your Sense of Control - Despite the Pandemic ,"  Harvard Business Review.
    Benedict Dellaert, Suzanne Shu, Theo Arentze, Tom Baker, Kristin Diehl, Bas Donkers, Nathanael Fast, Gerald Haubl, Heid Johnson, Uma Karmarkar, Harmen Oppewal, Bernd Schmitt, Juliana Schroeder, Stephen Spiller, Mary Steffel () "Consumer decisions with artificially intelligent voice assistants ,".
    Linda Hagen, Kosuke Uetake, Nathan Yang, Bryan Bollinger, Allison Chaney, Daria Dzyabura, Jordan Etkin, Avi Goldfarb, Liu Liu, K. Sudhir, Yanwen Wang, James Wright, Ying Zhu () "How Can Machine Learning Aid Behavioral Marketing Research? ,"  Marketing Letters, 361–370.
    Eunkwang Seo, Hyo Kang, Jaeyong Song () "Blending talents for innovation: Team composition for cross-border R&D collaboration within multinational corporations ,"  Journal of International Business Studies  51, 851-885.
    Daniel Barron, Robert Gibbons, Ricard Gil, Kevin Murphy () "Relational Adaptation under Reel Authority ,"  Management Science  66, 1868-1889.
    Hyo Kang, Lee Fleming () "Non‐competes, business dynamism, and concentration: Evidence from a Florida case study ,"  Journal of Economics & Management Strategy  29, 663-685.
    Hailong Cui, Sampath Rajagopalan, Amy Ward () "Predicting Product Return Volume Using Machine Learning Methods ,"  European Journal of Operational Research, Special Issue on Business Analytics  281, 612-627.
    Kevin Murphy, Tatiana Sandino () "Compensation Consultants and the Level, Composition and Complexity of CEO Pay ,"  The Accounting Review  95, 311-341.
    Christina Lubinski, Dan Wadhwani () "Geopolitical Jockeying: Economic Nationalism and Multinational Strategy in Historical Perspective ,"  Strategic Management Journal.
    Gal Zauberman, Kristin Diehl, Alixandra Barasch () "Memory Pointers and Identity ,"  The Handbook of Identity Research in Marketing, 14.
    Avi Goldfarb, Bledi Taska, Florenta Teodoridis () "Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare? Evidence from Online Job Postings ,"  AEA Papers and Proceedings.
    Jeff Furman, Florenta Teodoridis () "Automation, Research Technology and Researchers’ Trajectories: Evidence from Computer Science and Electrical Engineering ,"  Organization Science  31(2): 330-354.
    Dan Wadhwani, David Kirsch, Friederike Welter, William Gartner, Geoffrey Jones () "Context, Time, and Change: Historical Approaches to Entrepreneurship Research ,"  Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal.
    Diego Daruich, Julian Kozlowski () "Explaining Intergenerational Mobility: The Role of Fertility and Family Transfers ,"  Review of Economic Dynamics.