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    Eric Anicich, Alice Lee () "Two Words that Rarely Travel Down the Hierarchy: Thank You! ,"  Society for Personality and Social Psychology’s Character & Context Blog.
    Trevor Barrett, Mona Sobani, Glenn Fox, Benjamin Files, Nicholas Patitsas, Josiah Duhaime, Rebecca Ebert, Rob Faulk, Leslie Saxon () "Diverse Predictors of Early Attrition in an Elite Marine Training School ,".
    Tim Brown, Tracie Majors, Thomas Vance () "Incomplete Contracts and Employee Opportunism: How Machiavellianism Moderates the Effects of Impacting an Uncompensated Objective ,"  Journal of Management Accounting Research  33, 1-18.
    Matteo Sesia, Yaniv Romano () "Conformal histogram regression ,"  Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 34 (NeurIPS 2021) .
    Leif Brandes, David Godes, Dina Mayzlin () "What Drives Extremity Bias in Online Reviews? Theory and Experimental Evidence ,".
    John Eklund, Michael Mannor () "Keep Your Eye On The Ball Or On The Field? Exploring The Performance Implications Of Executive Strategic Attention ,"  Academy of Management Journal  64, 1685-1713.
    Azadeh Fayazi, Matteo Sesia, Kanwaljeet Anand () "Hyperoxemia Among Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Patients Receiving Oxygen Therapy ,"  J Pediatr Intensive Care.
    Lei Pei, Dina Mayzlin () "Influencing Social Media Influencers through Affiliation ,"  Marketing Science .
    Selale Tuzel, Miao (Ben) Zhang () "Economic Stimulus at the Expense of Routine-Task Jobs ,"  Journal of Finance  76, 3347-3399.
    Matteo Sesia, Shuangning Li, Yaniv Romano, Emmanuel Candes, Chiara Sabatti () "Searching for robust associations with a multi-environment knockoff filter ,"  Biometrika, asab055.
    Eric Anicich, Michael Schaerer, Jake Gale, Trevor Foulk () "When Your Authority Fluctuates Throughout the Day ,"  Harvard Business Review.
    Wei Zhang, Jingqi Wang, Reza Ahmadi, Sriram Dasu () "Timing the price agreement in high tech component procurement ,"  Production and Operations Management  30, 4105-4120.
    Adam Elmachtoub, Vishal Gupta, Michael Hamilton () "Value of Personalized Pricing ,"  Management Science  67, 6055-6070.
    Matteo Sesia, Stephen Bates, Emmanuel Candes, Jonathan Marchini, Chiara Sabatti () "False discovery rate control in genome-wide association studies with population structure ,"  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America  118, e2105841118.
    Paul Adler () "Odyssey of a Socialist in the Business School World ,"  Journal of Management Inquiry  31, 4-14.
    Daniel O'Leary () "AN ANALYSIS OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS RESEARCHER AND COLLABORATION RANKINGS ,"  Journall of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce  Volume 31.
    Mohammed Alyakoob, Mohammad Rahman, Zaiyan Wei () "Where You Live Matters: Local Bank Competition, Online Marketplace Lending, and Disparity in Borrower Benefits ,"  Information Systems Research  32.
    Evan Weingarten, Gal Zauberman, Kristin Diehl () "Duration Sensitivity of Key Moments ,"  Cognition.