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    Ana Meca, Greys Sosic () "Strong players and stable coalition structures in PMAS profit games ,"  Axioms   11, 635.
    Jackie Silverman, Alixandra Barasch, Kristin Diehl, Gal Zauberman () "Harder Than You Think: Misconceptions about Logging Food with Photos versus Text ,"  Journal of the Association for Consumer Research  7.
    Lorien Stice-Lawrence () "Practical Issues to Consider When Working with Big Data ,"  Review of Accounting Studies  27, 1117-1124.
    Eric Anicich () "Dehumanization Is a Feature of Gig Work, Not a Bug ,"  Harvard Business Review.
    Anthony Dukes, Qihong Liu, Jie Shuai () "Skippable Ads: Interactive Advertising on Digital Media Platforms ,"  Marketing Science.
    Eric Anicich, Alice Lee () "Research: More Powerful People Express Less Gratitude ,"  Harvard Business Review.
    Eric Anicich () "Flexing and floundering in the on-demand economy: Narrative identity construction under algorithmic management ,"  Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes  169.
    Job Krijnen, Gulden Ulkumen, Jonathan Bogard, Craig Fox () "Lay Theories of Financial Well-being Predict Political and Policy Message Preferences (in press) ,"  Journal of Personality and Social Psychology  122, 310-336.
    Zibin Xu, Anthony Dukes () "Personalization, Customer Data Aggregation, and The Role of List Price ,"  Management Science.
    Stephanie Tully, Eesha Sharma () "Consumer Wealth ,"  Consumer Psychology Review.
    Diego Daruich, Julian Kozlowski () "Uniform Pricing Within and Across Regions: New Evidence from Argentina ,"  AEJ:Macro.
    Wendy De La Rosa, Stephanie Tully () "The Impact of Payment Frequency on Subjective Wealth Perceptions and Discretionary Spending ,"  Journal of Consumer Research  48, 991-1009.
    Selale Tuzel, Miao (Ben) Zhang () "Economic Stimulus at the Expense of Routine-Task Jobs ,"  Journal of Finance  76, 3347-3399.
    Tim Brown, Tracie Majors, Thomas Vance () "Incomplete Contracts and Employee Opportunism: How Machiavellianism Moderates the Effects of Impacting an Uncompensated Objective ,"  Journal of Management Accounting Research  33, 1-18.
    Trevor Barrett, Mona Sobani, Glenn Fox, Benjamin Files, Nicholas Patitsas, Josiah Duhaime, Rebecca Ebert, Rob Faulk, Leslie Saxon () "Diverse Predictors of Early Attrition in an Elite Marine Training School ,".
    Leif Brandes, David Godes, Dina Mayzlin () "What Drives Extremity Bias in Online Reviews? Theory and Experimental Evidence ,".
    Matteo Sesia, Yaniv Romano () "Conformal histogram regression ,"  Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 34 (NeurIPS 2021) .
    John Eklund, Michael Mannor () "Keep Your Eye On The Ball Or On The Field? Exploring The Performance Implications Of Executive Strategic Attention ,"  Academy of Management Journal  64, 1685-1713.
    Lei Pei, Dina Mayzlin () "Influencing Social Media Influencers through Affiliation ,"  Marketing Science .