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    Vivian Wong

    2nd Year Ph.D. student in Finance and Business Economics

    Jingjing Xia

    Ph.D. Candidate in Accounting

    Jingjing Xia is a Ph.D. student in accounting. She is primarily interested in financial accounting, especially topics related to information transfer in the financial market.

    Zhe Xing

    Ph.D. student in Management and Organization

    Adele Xing is a Ph.D. Candidate in Strategy. She studies firm strategy in general with a focus on contract design and inter-firm relationships such as alliances and mergers and acquisitions. Specifically, her dissertation looks at announced but terminated acquisitions and examines when terminations are more likely to occur, how firms explain these terminations to key stakeholders and what strategies firms take after these events.

    Louis Yang

    2nd Year Ph.D. student in Finance and Business Economics

    Yao Yao

    Ph.D. student of Marketing

    Yao(Alex) Yao is a Ph.D. student in Marketing who is studying quantitative modeling. His research interests lie in the luxury product market. Before entering the Ph.D. program, he received his Master’s degree in Quantitative Economics from Renmin University of China and was an exchange student at the University of California, Irvine. He also served as a research assistant in the Academy of Macroeconomic Research, the National Development and Reform Committee of China.

    Seung Yeon Yoo

    1st Year Ph.D. student in Finance and Business Economics

    Joon Sang Yoon

    Ph.D Student of Accounting

    Joon Sang (Jun) Yoon is a Ph.D candidate in Accounting at the USC Marshall School of Business. He completed his undergraduate and graduate coursework in Economics and Statistics at Duke University. He is broadly interested in capital markets research and especially exploring topics in corporate valuation, governance and disclosures using textual analysis techniques.

    Kristian Yordanov

    2nd Year Ph.D. student in Finance and Business Economics