Ph.D. Students

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    Yiran Wang

    Ph.D. Student in Management and Organization

    Daniel Wu

    Ph.D. Student in Finance & Business Economics

    Bo Yang

    Ph.D. Candidate in Management and Organization
    Bo Yang joined the Management and Organization Department at Marshall School of Business as a Ph.D. student in Strategy in 2018. His research interests lie broadly in the dynamics between the political world and economic activities both in democratic and non-democratic regimes. Prior to pursue a Ph.D. at USC, Bo earned his bachelor degree from Fudan University in China where he majored in Mathematical Economics.

    Tiange Ye

    Ph.D. Student in Finance and Business Economics

    Junxiong Yin

    Ph.D. Candidate in Data Sciences and Operations
    Junxiong Yin is a PhD Candidate in the Data Sciences and Operations department at the USC Marshall School of Business. Junxiong earned his B.A. in Business Administration with focus on Operations Management and Information Systems from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. His research focuses on the design of non-monetary allocation systems, such as allocations for cadaver kidneys and public houses.