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    Isamar Troncoso Cortez

    Ph.D Student of Marketing

    Isamar is a PhD student in Marketing, specializing in quantitative research. Before joining the program, she worked as a research assistant for the Consumer Analytics Group (University of Chile, Santiago de Chile).

    Mindy Truong

    Ph.D. student in Management and Organization

    Mindy is a Ph.D. student at the USC Marshall School of Business studying organizational behavior. She graduated from the University of California, San Diego in 2014 with a B.S. in Psychology. Her research interests include social class, intergroup relations, and self and identity. More specifically, she is interested in how people’s backgrounds, beliefs, and identities influence their organizational experiences and outcomes.

    Patrick Vossler

    Ph.D. student in Data Sciences and Operations

    Yuan Wan

    3rd Year Ph.D. student in Finance and Business Economics

    Yuan is a Ph.D. Student in Finance and Business Economics. Prior to coming to USC, he was a research assistant at Chicago Booth. His past research projects heavily relied on the abundance of high frequency security data and computational power from grid computing. His current research interest is empirical asset pricing and he has found exploring financial risks through a well-established discipline has many great values.

    Jue Wang

    Ph.D. student in Management and Organization

    Jue (Kate) Wang is a PHD student in Management and Organization at the Marshall Business School of Southern California. Her research interests are Entrepreneurship, Social Movements and Organizational Theory. There are three streams of her research: a) How large and small scale crises in the focal or adjacent fields influence entrepreneurs' strategies and performances? b) Mechanisms of collective actions in online and offline communities. c) How religion organizations respond to commercial organizations?

    Weinan Wang

    Ph.D. student in Data Sciences and Operations

    Weinan Wang
    Weinan is a Ph.D. Student in the Marshall School of Business Department of Data Sciences and Operations. Research projects include: Multistate Adaptive Testing in Ultra-High Dimensions while at USC and Causal Analysis of Twitter Mood and Stock Indices as an M.A student in Statistics at UC Berkeley.

    Yingfei (Fiona) Wang

    Ph.D. Candidate in Accounting

    Fiona Yingfei Wang is a doctoral student at USC. Her research interests are in management accounting. Her current research focus includes employee monetary and non-monetary compensation, management control mechanisms, and corporate governance. She is a recipient of the Rockwell Dennis Hunt Scholastic Award. Prior to joining the doctoral program, she worked as an auditor at Deloitte in San Francisco.