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    Yingfei (Fiona) Wang

    Ph.D. Candidate in Accounting
    Fiona Wang is a doctoral candidate at USC Leventhal School of Accounting. Her research interests include employee compensation, performance evaluation, and corporate governance. In her dissertation and job market paper, she studies firms' innovation orientation and their benefits provisions for rank-and-file employees. Her teaching interests are managerial accounting and financial accounting. Prior to joining the doctoral program, she worked as an auditor at Deloitte.

    Vivian Wong

    Ph.D. Candidate in Finance and Business Economics

    Daniel Wu

    Ph.D. Student in Finance & Business Economics

    Bo Yang

    Ph.D. Student in Management and Organization
    Bo Yang joined the Management and Organization Department at Marshall School of Business as a Ph.D. student in Strategy in 2018. His research interests lie broadly in the dynamics between the political world and economic activities both in democratic and non-democratic regimes. Prior to pursue a Ph.D. at USC, Bo earned his bachelor degree from Fudan University in China where he majored in Mathematical Economics.

    Louis Yang

    Ph.D. Candidate in Finance and Business Economics

    Junxiong Yin

    Ph.D. Student in Data Sciences and Operations

    Seung Yeon Yoo

    Ph.D. Candidate in Finance and Business Economics

    Joon Sang Yoon

    Ph.D. Student in Accounting
    Joon Sang (Jun) Yoon is a Ph.D candidate in Accounting at the USC Marshall School of Business. He completed his undergraduate and graduate coursework in Economics and Statistics at Duke University. He is broadly interested in capital markets research and especially exploring topics in corporate valuation, governance and disclosures using textual analysis techniques.

    Mengxia Zhang

    Ph.D. Student in Marketing
    Mengxia Zhang is a Ph.D. student in Marketing specializing quantitative modeling. Her research interests are: marketing analytics, machine learning methods, network, user generated content, and knowledge market.