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    Lei Pei

    Ph.D. student of Marketing

    Lei is a Ph.D. student in quantitative marketing. Prior to joining the program, Lei worked as a research analyst for a marketing firm in Toronto. She also worked as a program evaluation officer for the Canadian federal government and as a web developer for a major Canadian bank. Her research interests are in strategic communication, advertising, and online shopping.

    Damoun Rabie

    Ph.D. student in Data Sciences and Operations

    Damoun Rabie is a Ph.D. student in the Data Sciences and Operations unit in Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California. He holds a bachelor of science in Computer Science from University of Tehran, Iran. Damoun is mainly interested in machine learning and large scale analysis. Specifically, data mining in knowledge services, business management, financial and business services.

    Medha Raj

    Ph.D. student in Management and Organization

    Medha Raj received her undergraduate degree from Dartmouth College in 2013, where she majored in Economics and minored in Psychology. She is currently a fourth-year PhD student in the Management and Organization department at the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California. She is interested in understanding the drivers and consequences of interpersonal conflict. Her work primarily examines work at the individual-level. She also examines the dynamics of conflict at the firm-level adding to the extant literature on the micro-foundations of Strategy.

    Bradley Rava

    Ph.D Student of Data Science and Operations

    Bradley is a Ph.D. student of Statistics at USC Marshall. He received his bachelors at USC in applied math and has also previously studied at Yale University and the London School of Economics. Bradley has also interned as a Researcher / Data Scientist for the Cyber Insurance Group at Symantec, Summit Consulting, and Swoon Editions.

    His research interests lie in Graphical Methods, Network Analysis, Machine Learning and Topological Data Analysis. Currently Bradley's research is supported by the National Science Foundations (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship for Mathematical Statistics.

    Beverly Rich

    Ph.D. student in Management and Organization

    Beverly Rich is a Ph.D. student in Strategy at USC Marshall School of Business. She holds a J.D. from USC Gould School of Law and a B.A. from Yale University. Beverly researches how firms use legal strategies to gain competitive advantage and drive innovation, with a focus on firms’ strategic use of contracts and cooperation. Prior to beginning her Ph.D., Beverly worked as a trial lawyer in Los Angeles and as a consultant on internet security and policy.

    Stacey RItter

    Ph.D. Candidate in Accounting

    Stacey Ritter is a Ph.D. student in the Leventhal School of Accounting. Her research interests include behavioral topics in auditing, financial reporting, and managerial accounting. She has professional experience in the Enterprise Risk Services practice at Deloitte, the Internal Audit department at Raytheon, and the Provost Office at the University of Cincinnati. Stacey is a licensed Certified Public Accountant with a master’s degree in Accounting and a minor in Management Information Systems from The University of Texas at Austin.