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    Georgios Magkotsios

    Ph.D. student in Finance and Business Economics

    Georgios Magkotsios is a Ph.D. student in finance. His research interests include theoretical and empirical asset pricing. Prior to entering the Ph.D. Program at Marshall, he worked on research projects related to the term structure of interest rates, the distribution of returns from growth and value stocks and market microstructure. He has a strong background in mathematical modeling and computational methods. Georgios holds a Ph.D. in Physics from Notre Dame. His transition from astrophysics to finance stems from the differences in scope between natural and social sciences and the aftermath of the recent global financial crisis.

    Bora Min

    Ph.D. student of Marketing

    Bora Min is a Ph.D. student in Marketing doing research on consumer behavior. Her research interests are consumer novelty vs. familiarity seeking, creativity, and product experiences. Prior to the Ph.D. program, Bora earned a B.A. in Psychology and English Linguistics & Literature (with Summa Cum Laude), and an M.A. in Social Psychology at Seoul National University. She also worked as a researcher at the Center for Happiness Studies at SNU.

    Maurice Murphy

    Ph.D. student of Management and Organization

    Maurice is a PhD student in Strategy in the Management & Organization Department of the Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California. His research interests are in the areas of non-market strategy (i.e. corporate political activities, stakeholder management, and corporate social responsibility), social movements, and MNE strategy in emerging markets. Maurice's academic work has been published in the Journal of Business Ethics and Business & Society. Prior to joining the PhD Program at the Marshall School of Business, Maurice was an Instructor of Management in Alfaisal University's College of Business located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

    Sajeev Nair

    Ph.D. student of Marketing

    Sajeev Nair is a Ph.D. student in Marketing specializing in Marketing Strategy. His research interests include new product management, channels of distribution, pricing, and digital marketing. Prior to entering the program, Sajeev worked for PepsiCo and Bharti Airtel in various sales and marketing roles.

    David Newman

    Ph.D. student in Management and Organization

    David Newman is a Ph.D. student in Management and Organization. He earned his B.A. in psychology from Yale University and his J.D. from Harvard Law School. His research interests include moral foundations theory, business ethics, the morality of technology, the pursuit of meaning, and the psychology of property and ownership. Prior to entering the Ph.D. program, David worked for, a non-profit collaboration of researchers dedicated to the advancement of a systems approach to better business practices.

    Irina Osipova

    Ph.D. student of Finance and Business Economics

    Erhun Ozkan

    Ph.D. student in Data Sciences and Operations

    Erhun Ozkan is a PhD student in the Data Sciences and Operations department. His research interests are application of probability theory, queueing theory, and stochastic processes in matching markets, revenue management, and healthcare systems.