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    Trambak Banerjee

    Ph.D. Candidate in Data Sciences and Operations

    Trambak is a PhD student in Statistics at USC Marshall School of Business. His research interests include high-dimensional statistical inference, large scale optimization techniques and computational statistics. He has previously served as a quantitative risk modeler in the financial services sector where he developed statistical models for estimating banking regulatory capital for Credit and Operational risk events.

    Katherine Bruere

    Ph.D. Student in Accounting

    Katherine Bruere is a Ph.D. student in the Leventhal School of Accounting. She is interested in empirical financial research, specifically capital markets, earnings management, and disclosure. Prior to starting the Ph.D. program, Katherine worked at Ernst & Young as an auditor in Dallas’ Financial Services division, as well as an accountant at Merit Energy. Katherine earned a BA and an MA in Accounting at Baylor University (2014) and is a licensed CPA in the state of Texas.

    Luis Felipe Cabezon

    Ph.D. Candidate in Finance and Business Economics

    Gizem Ceylan-Hopper

    Ph.D. Candidate in Marketing

    Gizem Ceylan-Hopper is a Ph.D. student in Marketing specializing in consumers’ judgment and decision making with a focus in attentional and motivational processes. Her research interest are mainly people’s motivational processes for future decisions regarding experiential purchases. In one line of research, she explores how visuals impact on people’s pre-experience decisions and their enjoyment during the experience. On a separate line of research, she studies how people’s motivational processes impact people’s risky decisions.

    Constantin Charles

    Ph.D. Student in Finance and Business Economics