Longitudinal Research

Data plays a central role in the progress of research, the discovery of new phenomena, and the testing and advance of theories. iORB longitudinal data initiative serves this mission. The goals of this initiative are below:

  1. Initiate novel, potentially high impact, longitudinal data collection on important business phenomena that are likely to bear fruit over the long term of 5+ years.
  2. Brand Marshall as a pioneer in developing and expanding rich new data for   research.
  3. Enable cross-functional research in promising new areas that capitalize on recent technological innovations and the strength of our local economy relating to MECC (Media, Entertainment, Culture and Creative) sector.
  4. Increase the visibility of Marshall’s research initiatives and increase citations to Marshall’s publications.
  5. Leverage Marshall’s proximity to the Southern Cal entertainment-media-video gaming businesses


2020-2021 Funded Longitudinal Research 

Intelligent Systems Index: Robotic Process Analysis 

Daniel O'leary, Leventhal School of Accounting 


Monitoring Healthcare Discussions in Social Media

Dinesh Puranam, Department of Marketing                     

Vrinda Kadiyali, Professor of Management, Cornell University              

Nicholas H. Noyes, Professor of Marketing, Cornell University 


Entrepreneurial Culture, Innovation, and Stock Market Returns: A Longitudinal Study of Entry, Disruption, and Survival in the US

Gerry Tellis, Department of Marketing 


Understanding the Commercialization of Digital Entertainment via Investor-Startup Networks

Yanhao “Max” Wei, Department of Marketing                     

Tianshu Sun, Department of Data Sciences and Operations        

Sha Yang, Department of Marketing 


Nielson Television and Streaming Data: A Resource to Study Media Consumption and Competition 

Milan Miric, Department of Data Sciences and Operations 


The Role of Digital Platforms in Increasing Access to Affordable Medication

Shantanu Dutta, Department of Marketing                                                   

Gourab Mukherjee, Department of Data Sciences and Operations                   

Dinesh Puranam, Department of Marketing

Reetabrata Mookherjee, Head of Data, GoodRx, Santa Monica