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iORB Press Releases and Opinion Editorials

iORB will support developing and disseminating press release or opinion editorials (Op Ed) of faculty research. The goal of this initiative is to amplify the impact of Marshall’s faculty research, which has been recently accepted or is close to acceptance at top research outlets. Prof Gerard Tellis will assist with preparation and Mr. Matt Simmons, USC Marshall’s Senior Manager for Media Relations, will help with placement of these.


Below are examples of prior press releases of faculty research sponsored by iORB:


5-24-21: PR

What's in a Name?, new Study Finds.


1-29-20: PR

Policy Incentives for Innovation Backfire Reducing Novelty, new Study Finds.


2-27-20: PR

AI Tools Enhance Researchers’ Performance, rather than Displace Workers, new Study Finds.


12-14-20: PR

Marshall News: Polarizing Politics in the US.


4-22-20: PR

Governors’ Lockdowns Dirven More by Politics than Science, new study finds


5-7-20: PR

Delays in Lockdown Spiked Total Cases, new study finds


Below are examples of prior Op Eds of faculty research sponsored by iORB:

11-27-2020: Op Ed

Trump Will Soon Be Out of Office, but Polarization Isn’t Going Anywhere


1-16-21: Op-Ed

To Reign in Social Media, the Market Will Suffice