Conference Funding

iORB provides workshop and conference funding with the goal of stimulating the exchange of ideas that lead to outlier research. Examples of the use of such funding include: staff to organize or run the conference, food and drinks for participants, location rental, or support for highly visible speakers. A call for proposals is sent out annually as part of a competitive submission process and the iORB executive board reviews the proposals and makes final funding decisions.

Recent workshops/conference proposals that have been supported by iORB include:

New Directions in the Psychology of Technology Research, October 2016

Across the behavioral sciences, scholars have become increasingly interested in understanding how technology is changing what it means to be human, including how people live, work, find meaning, make decisions, and interact. New Directions in the Psychology of Technology Research is a 2-day conference featuring emerging research in this rapidly growing area of the psychology of technology. The conference brings together cutting-edge researchers who work at the intersection of psychology and technology from a broad array of disciplines including psychology, sociology, organizational behavior, communications, computer science, anthropology, consumer behavior, behavioral economics, and others.

13th Annual Conference on Social Entrepreneurship, November 2016

This conference is dedicated to the ongoing development of theory and research on social entrepreneurship and its impact on global communities. The aim is to bring together scholars in social entrepreneurship to discuss emerging concepts and themes in social entrepreneurship research. Themes include: Social entrepreneurship process involving opportunity recognition and evaluation, Organizational forms of social enterprises, Challenges of scaling and measuring social impact, Emerging themes in social entrepreneurship education, Cross-cultural comparative studies in social entrepreneurship, Research challenges in social entrepreneurship.

California Theory Workshop on Organizations and Organizing Sept 21-23, 2017

This workshop is intended to further the investigation of the role of the corporation in contemporary society. Corporations and market-based competition among them are the primary wealth-producing mechanisms in contemporary society, but multiple strands of scholarship have explored a variety of other roles played by corporations and other ways of producing wealth. This highly interactive workshop aims to bring together both senior and junior scholars interested in these issues. This is the third year of this workshop and in the past, it has attracted scholars from all the major universities in the region including Stanford, Berkeley, UCLA, UC Irvine, UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego, Santa Clara University, as well as scholars from Harvard, Northwestern, NYU, Wharton, and Michigan.

Inaugural Business Research Applications Needing Data Science (BRANDS) Workshop Jan 2018

The proposed inaugural BRANDS workshop will bring together scholars with expertise in Data Science and those working on important business research problems that could be better informed using cutting edge data science techniques. The goal is to generate cross fertilization of knowledge across the areas.

The premise here is that there are many new developments in data science that are not fully understood outside the discipline, while at the same time there are numerous business research applications of which the data science community is unaware. Hence, the emphasis of the workshop will be educating participants on the connections between analytics, data science and business research problems, with the goal of stimulating future collaborations.

5th Finance, Organizations and Markets (FOM) Conference December 8th and 9th, 2017

The focus of this conference is on internal firm organization (theory of the firm), mergers and acquisitions, financing policy and industrial organization of markets, and linkages between firms’ financial, organizational, and operating strategies. Both theoretical and empirical work will be encouraged. Scholars will include individuals who study internal firm organization, corporate strategy, corporate finance and industrial organization of markets. In connection with this conference, there is an established research working group that interacts throughout the year. Interaction between scholars is on a continuous basis throughout the year and culminates in an annual conference that is held at rotating universities. Membership and meeting attendance are limited to increase the interaction of attendees in a seminar style setting. USC Marshall founded the conference in 2013 and it is now rotating among schools such as USC Marshall, Dartmouth Tuck, and Chicago Booth.