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    Linda DeAngelo

    Professor Emeritus of Finance and Business Economics and Kenneth King Stonier Chair in Business Administration

    PhD, University of Washington; MS, University of Oregon; BM, University of Southern California

    Linda DeAngelo specializes in corporate finance, and has studied corporate governance, voting rights, disclosure policy, accounting manipulation, and auditor independence. Her work has been published in the Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of Accounting and Economics, Journal of Accounting Research, and the Accounting Review. She received the Jensen Prize for best paper in corporate finance in the JFE in 2004. Professor DeAngelo served as Associate Editor of JAE and on the editorial board of TAR. She received a Golden Apple Award in 2002, and Business Week named her one of Marshall's two most popular professors in 2000.

    Mark DeFond

    A. N. Mosich Chair in Accounting and Professor of Accounting

    PhD, University of Washington; BA, San Francisco State University

    Professor DeFond is the A. N. Mosich Chair of Accounting, Leventhal School of Accounting, University of Southern California. His research investigates issues in auditing, international financial reporting, and earnings management. He is a former Senior Editor of The Accounting Review and has served on the editorial boards of several leading academic journals, including the Journal of Accounting Research and the Journal of Accounting and Economics. He is a recipient of the AAA’s Notable Contribution to the Auditing Literature Award, and a four-time MBA Golden Apple teaching award winner. Professor DeFond has held visiting professorships in Hong Kong and Singapore, and is currently the Associate Dean of Faculty at the Leventhal School of Accounting. He received his PhD at the University of Washington and prior to that worked for several years as an auditor with Deloitte (formerly Touche Ross) and is a California CPA (inactive).

    Gene Del Vecchio

    Adjunct Professor of Marketing

    MBA, USC; BA, Economics, UCLA

    Gene Del Vecchio is an adjunct professor of marketing with emphasis in consumer behavior, research, youth marketing and entertainment. He conducted roughly a thousand research studies in his consulting practice that provided strategic and tactical marketing direction for industry giants across film, television, packaged goods, toy, and technology industries. He has written four business books and two novels. For many years Del Vecchio was the SVP, Director of Planning & Research at advertising giant Ogilvy & Mather in Los Angeles where he led strategic and research efforts on a variety of businesses. He began his career at General Mills.

    Lien Denoo

    Postdoctoral Scholar and Teaching Fellow

    Lien Denoo’s research focuses on the business model development of nascent and young technology ventures, on resource acquisition and market creation processes by entrepreneurs and on the growth of new ventures in emerging industries. Lien is also actively involved in the research program of the Innovation Node – Los Angeles I-Corps program. Lien has published several book chapters on new venture evolution and has presented her work at leading international conferences. For her dissertation, she received the Academy of Management’s 2016 Heizer award for best doctoral dissertation on new enterprise development. Prior to joining USC, Lien obtained her PhD in management and entrepreneurship from Ghent University

    Kristin Diehl

    Associate Professor of Marketing

    PhD, Duke University; Diplom-Kauffrau, Johannes Gutenberg University

    Kristin Diehl's research focuses on how consumers search for and use product information, particularly in environments where search costs are low, assortments are large, and recommendation tools may be available. She also studies how people anticipate, experience, and remember events that unfold over time. In particular she is interested how taking photos during such experiences affects consumers’ enjoyment and memories of the experience. Professor Diehl has published in the Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, Journal of Retailing, and Psychological Science. In 2010 she received the Early Career Award from the Association for Consumer Research. Professor Diehl serves as Associate Editor for the Journal of Consumer Research. Professor Diehl teaches classes on consumer behavior. Previously, she taught at the University of South Carolina and Duke University.

    Ellen-Linnea Dipprey

    Professor of Clinical Business Communication

    MA, University of Southern California; BA, UC-Berkeley

    Ellen-Linnea Dipprey's primary interests lie in creativity and innovation as problem solving tools, the communication challenges endemic to the management of creativity and innovation in the workplace, and managerial communication. Her interest in cross-disciplinary learning and other experimental pedagogical strategies has resulted in several teaching awards. She serves as a reviewer for the International Alliance of Teacher Scholars and has long provided pedagogical guidance for Marshall Faculty across the disciplines. She won the USC-Mellon Award for Faculty-to-Faculty Mentoring in 2007.

    Kimon Drakopoulos

    Assistant Professor of Data Sciences and Operations

    Ph.D., MIT

    Kimon Drakopoulos is an Assistant Professor in the Data Sciences and Operations department at USC
    Marshall School of Business. His research focuses on the operations of complex networked systems,
    social networks, stochastic modeling, game theory and information economics.
    Kimon, prior to joining USC, completed his PhD at the Laboratory for Information and Decision systems at MIT focusing on the analysis and control of contagion processes on networks.

    Dennis Draper

    Professor Emeritus of Finance and Business Economics