Director's Message

Director's Message

The Center for Investment Studies (CIS) originated in 2001 with a gift from Larry and Karen Tashjian. The CIS is a forum for students to acquire experiential learning, faculty to conduct research and industry practitioners to share valuable insights.

The CIS is particularly proud of its sponsorship of the Student Investment Funds (SIF). The SIF are administered entirely by student managers within the year-long seminar on Applied Portfolio Management. The funds are a part of USC's endowment and the investment gains are used to support the SIF. The original SIF was established in 1986 when Provident Investment Counsel provided initial funding for the Trojan Equity Fund for MBA students. We have received additional significant gifts from Robert Rodriguez, Catherine Nicholas, Brad Hintz and Friends of Guil Babcock and David and Nancy Iben. Since then, we have added the Provident Growth Fund, the California Small Cap Fund, the Marshall Fixed Income Fund and a new graduate Global Equity Fund launched on March 31, 2011. In addition, we have an Undergraduate Student Investment Fund (USIF).

We are particularly grateful to David and Nancy Iben for their founding gift of a graduate Global Equity Fund and to Catherine Nicolas for her gift to the USIF.

Of course, it is the commitment of our student managers that is essential for the success of the graduate and undergraduate Student Investment Fund programs. I have enjoyed watching them progress through the year.


Suh-Pyng Ku
Director, Center for Investment Studies
Professor of Clinical Finance and Business Economics