Center for Global Innovation


Disease Diagnostic Group – $25,000 First Place

At the 2015 Innovation Coast Conference and Competition

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InBrace - First place $20,000

At the 2016 Innovation Coast Conference and Competition

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BLITAB Technology Ltd. - Second Place $15,000

At the 2016 Innovation Coast Conference and Competition

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AesculaTech - Third Place $10,000

At the 2016 Innovation Coast Conference and Competition

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Upcoming Events

2021 AIM (Artificial Intelligence in Management)

The event consists of a half-day workshop on Friday May 14, 2021 providing introduction to various AI methods and a one and a half day day research conference on Friday morning and Saturday May 15, 2021.

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About the Center

The USC Marshall Center for Global Innovation is the leading center in the world for research on global innovation. Innovation itself is a key driver of the welfare of consumers, the success of firms, and the wealth of nations. The Center creates and disseminates cutting edge research on how innovation helps firms compete, grow, and succeed in today's global environment.

What Distinguishes This Center

Unlike other innovation centers and institutes, this Center focuses on market data rather than opinion or survey to identify the factors that make companies, countries, and R&D clusters innovative. No other Center inside or outside of universities is based on such research on a global scale.

Board of Advisors

The Center has recruited a stellar Board of Advisors that can advise it on channeling its research in directions that are most important to its constituents, attracting qualified members, helping to plan events, and suggesting ways to maintain and enhance its thought leadership in business and academic circles.

Newly Published

Why do some major, successful corporations suddenly lose momentum while startups thrive far beyond the expectations of investors? In Unrelenting Innovation: How to Create a Culture for Market Dominance, USC Marshall Professor Gerard Tellis argues that the culture for innovation is the major reason for enduring unrelenting innovation and success today. [More]

Current Research

The Center's is researching the following important questions in innovation:

  • Which are the most innovative nations and regions of the world?
  • Why are some nations and regions so innovative while others lag behind in innovativeness?
  • How to design new products from web chatter?
  • How have innovations affected the rise of nations throughout history?

The Center has published research on the following questions:

  • Do innovations payoff?
  • How do technologies evolve?
  • How to predict takeoff and sales of new products?
  • What are key drivers of firms' innovation?
  • How to sustain a culture of relentless innovation?
  • Should firms make or buy innovations?
  • Do spinoffs perform better than buyouts?