Social Venture Coaching Competition

Social Venture Coaching Competition

The USC Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab in partnership with the Rose Hills Foundation offers the annual Social Venture Coaching Competition (SVCC).  Established to find sustainable business solutions to the most pressing social needs in Los Angeles, SVCC offers the opportunity for USC-affiliated teams to receive six weeks of business development coaching and $100,000+ in capital.

If you have a bold or fresh idea that solves a social need in Los Angeles, we want to help you develop it, pitch it, and win some start-up funds.

Congratulations to this year's 20 finalists – a group of social entrepreneurs selected as leading innovators who are developing sustainable business solutions to the most pressing social needs in Los Angeles.  Our finalists are:

L&F Project Management

A social enterprise focused on training and employing Black Women from underrepresented communities as certified project managers for government agencies’ transformative business initiatives.


We are a company that builds digital health tools to help improve current and long-term well being. Our first product, myndi, is a behavioral data gathering app for caregivers to help neurodiverse kids succeed.


DreamArc (short for Dream Architects) is a combination of a staffing firm and a career development and resource center that supports the unique needs of Black immigrants, fostering financial security and a better understanding of Race & Racial Identity within a U.S. context.

Note: A Black immigrant is defined as any person who was born outside of the United States to non-U.S. citizen parents and who identifies as Black or African American.


We are a company that provides waterless shampoo and conditioner concentrates to consumers for a more sustainable hair care solution

Gifts for Good

We are a company that offers corporate gifts with a social impact.

Collective REMAKE

Collective REMAKE is a social enterprise that supports aspiring entrepreneurs in system-impacted communities in Los Angeles by providing the knowledge, skills, networks, and resources to build successful cooperative businesses that simultaneously generate revenue and advance social and environmental impact.

Trojan Awareness Combating Overdose (TACO) Inc.

Trojan Awareness Combating Overdose (TACO) Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that prevents drug overdose fatalities among young adults through free access to neuroscience-based substance education and harm reduction materials like fentanyl test strips and Naloxone.


We are a company that connects food insecure Angelenos with restaurants and grocery stores that have extra meals or ingredients.


MyAlyce is developing an open-source, patient-centered software platform and low-cost wearable for overdose detection/prevention.


We are a company that designs cellular networks for disaster zones and refugee camps and is planning a pivot to covering underconnected populations in urban areas


We are a company that brings together creators and their communities, with crypto, to rally together for climate change by planting a real tree for each digital NFTree sold.


We are a company named Cathartic that tackles preventative health inequities for under-resourced urban populations by improving their access to everyday health and hygiene products. is a platform that provides tailored respite care to improve the wellbeing of informal/family care partners and their patients.


We are a company that uses micro-location technology and artificial intelligence to facilitate the interaction and mobility of visually and hearing impaired people inside and outside spaces.


We ("Peppercorn") is a company that is an interest-free peer-to-peer microlending platform for minority and women owned micro-businesses in the United States.


We are a virtual innovation company that aligns technology, community, and equity through a cooperatively owned placemaking platform and Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) in the metaverse: designed by and for women and non-binary people of color (WOC) to revolutionize the digital experience in web3, build capacity and opportunities for historically marginalized communities, and ensure our interests and voices are embedded in the DNA of this new era of the internet.

Architecture + Advocacy

We are a company that utilizes the architectural design process to build power in low-income and BIPOC communities to prevent displacement and other forms of spatial injustice.

Frontida Records

We are a company that provides customizable digital health applications to clinics in underserved

Cognic Education

We are an education technology company that creates and distributes an open-and-go mental health curriculum accessible to K-12 classrooms, designed for simple implementation by teachers and optimal impact for students.


We are a company that provides a job marketplace to connect recent college graduates seeking to launch their career and make a positive social impact in a 2 year-rotational placement with one year each at a nonprofit and for-profit organization.

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How to Apply:

The application is now closed for the 2022 SVCC.  Check back here for the 2023 application deadline.