Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab

Educating and empowering the next generation of social entrepreneurs.


Social Enterprise Spotlight

Collective REMAKE engages leaders in the community, including USC Marshall graduates, to target systematic poverty through just transitions and co-operative businesses.

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Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab

A hub for researchers and practitioners on social impact.


Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab

Incubating ideas. Supporting community leaders.


The Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab (BSEL) is a Center of Excellence at the USC Marshall School of Business that equips students, faculty and staff with the business skills and resources to develop market-based solutions to the wicked problems of the 21st century. Through education, community building, research and professional development, the Lab serves as the hub for social entrepreneurial efforts at the university and beyond.

Founded by Professor Adlai Wertman in 2008 and named in 2014 through a gift from the Brittingham Family Foundation, BSEL has become one of the world’s leading research and teaching institutions on social enterprise.

Our Programs

BSEL offers graduate and undergraduate academic programming:

As part of USC’s extensive startup ecosystem, BSEL also has developed a wide range of cocurricular programs  to support students, faculty and alumni in the creation and growth of impactful social enterprise:

Cutting-Edge Research

At BSEL, we know the power of data and research to change hearts and minds.  Each year, we bring together researchers and practitioners in the field of social entrepreneurship from around the globe for the largest academic gathering on social enterprise.  Founded by BSEL’s Research Director, Dr. Jill Kickul, the Annual Social Entrepreneurship Conference has widely influenced the development and evaluation of the social entrepreneurship field.  We also continue to advance the field of social entrepreneurship through rigorous data collection and ground-breaking studies.



Explore the Breath and Depth of  BSEL's  Social Impact Education:

Master of Science in Social Entreprise

Master of Science in Social Entrepreneurship

Minor in Social Entrepreneruship

Minor in Social Entrepreneurship


BSEL Undergraduate Scholars Mentorship Program

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MBA Society and Business Fellows


MBA Summer Internship Subsidy


Jacobson Family Sustainable Impact Lecture Series

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Graduate Certificate in Sustainability

BSEL Bennis Scholars

Warren Bennis Scholars Program

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MBA Concentration


Our Impact

Since our founding, we have educated and supported thousands of social entrepreneurial students from across the globe.  Learn more in our Impact Report and get inspired by our students:   

BSEL Impact Report

BSEL Impact Report

We're proud to share this impact report highlighting the achievements of students and alumni who have participated in our various academic and cocurricular programs since our founding.