Webinar: Leading Transformation: The Role of HR Professionals in Power, Politics and Control

Thursday, September 17, 2020

8:00 am - 9:00 am

Type: Lecture / Talk / Workshop




Marshall School of Business' Center for Effective Organizations (CEO) is hosting a free webinar, with featured speaker Paul Taffinder, and co-hosted by Max Blumberg & Alec Levenson.

We know that leadership is critical to transformation. However, the underlying psychology of corporate upheaval during large-scale organizational change is very frequently dependent on the effective tackling of power, anxiety and control -- particularly with CEOs and leadership teams. While much focus from change agents or the large consulting firms aims at wholesale adjustments or replacements to the processes of organizational functioning or new structures or technology, less is paid to the challenges of leadership (whether top-down or bottom-up) and, of that, a diminishingly small proportion to substantive efforts to transform the psychology of top team behavior, decision-making and conflict. Genuine corporate change is messy, tough and very personal for senior leaders who are more risk averse than popularly thought. HR professionals are very well positioned to support the CEO and top team. But what insights and approaches can HR leaders deploy to help senior executives deal personally with profound and far-reaching change?