An Unorthodox Sales Strategy Workshop

Thursday, September 23, 2021

6:00 pm - 7:50 pm

Type: Workshop / Online
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Greif Q & A

USC's Greif Center for Entrepreneurship Presents: An Unorthodox Sales Strategy Workshop...

Colin Coggins & Garrett Brown, USC Adjunct Professors and creators of the popular "Sales Mindset for Entrepreneurs" course, will lead an unorthodox interactive strategy session for USC students, alumni, and friends based on material from their upcoming book published by HarperCollins Business. They'll begin with an introduction to their unique approach to selling and sales mindset, highlighting why the best sellers on the planet are the opposite of who we expect them to be, often don’t have “sales” in their title, and are able to be great at selling without being someone they’re not.

After introducing The Unsold Mindset, they'll host a candid and interactive Q&A session where you can ask them any question you have about sales, from how an introvert can be the best salesperson in the room, to how successful companies motivate and inspire sales teams, to why only some people succeed at selling even though they all read the same books, listen to the same experts, and get the same training. This popular format is sure to lead to some entertaining, unfiltered discussions that will cover far more ground than a typical presentation about sales!

This event is for anyone who sells (that's you!), whether it's selling ideas as an entrepreneur or employee, selling yourself to get a job or a promotion, or actually selling products or services.

The virtual event will take place on Thursday, September 23rd from 6:00-7:50pm.