Work Hard, Play Hard: Internships, Jobs, and On Campus Work Study!

November 14, 2017
• by
Shonali Bose

While classes, clubs, and social activities take up a lot of your time in college, there are many other areas to explore. One of these areas is the workforce. Daunting, I know. But some of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned are from my internships and my on-campus job. At USC, finding an internship or on campus jobs are as easy as a click away. The most helpful SC tool in your job search is definitely connectSC or Marshall Career Source.  ConnectSC can, with the information you provide, match you to jobs that can fit your interests and major. Marshall Career Source specifically offes internship and job opportunities in the business field. On their sites, they have information on jobs, employers, and career service workshops and services. It is really easy to navigate and use; and all USC and/or Marshall students have access to it. They provide information and applications on internships and jobs worldwide- so I would absolutely recommend checking those websites out!

Being a sophomore and a spring admit, I do not have a large quantity of college-internships and jobs on my résumé. However, the few I have had have helped me learn more about my field and the working world. The summer of my freshman year I travelled to Mumbai, India to work with a design firm. I was an intern on their marketing team and was assigned to find strategies to market their new Wallpaper brand. The work was very offbeat- I was going to wallpaper stores in Mumbai, acting as a sales associate at our own store, and interviewing customers on my own time. Unlike in my Marshall classes, I was not given much context to the jobs I had to do. My internship pushed me to be creative, original, and independent. I felt appreciated and like my work was valuable to the company, which is an amazing feeling. I got very invested in my work, and by my last day, I was presenting to senior staff and conducting meetings in the office. Though the 8am wakeups and the long workdays were tough, my Internship was imperative to help me understand how a business operates and navigates. I would highly recommend getting internships throughout your college experience and intern at companies you are interested in. If you seek out a job at a company for superficial reasons, you are likely to get less out of it. Internships are not only great résumé builder, but also an amazing way to shape your career goals, interests, and work ethic. Los Angeles is a great city to seek out internships in all different facets of business. If you don’t have time during your semesters, don’t worry! Summer internships are a great way to spend your time off too.

USC also offers Federal Work Study, which allows students with financial need to work part-time to help pay tuition. A Work Study is a great way to help contribute to your tuition or housing if you are eligible. Many of my friends work at the Lyon Center and in our campus libraries, and they have all loved their jobs. If you are interested, the USC Career Center webpage has plenty of information on student job openings.

A great thing about USC is that there are so many places to work on campus. I live in the village and my job at Corepower Yoga is a two-minute walk from my apartment. There are so many libraries, eateries, shops and gyms that if you would like an off-campus job, it should not be hard to find one. My job easily fits into my schedule and it is great because my boss understands my commitment as a student as well. Jobs on campus can be found via ConnectSC or on online job websites! Good luck in your search!